Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Night on the Town (Blogophilia 20.9_

 Everytime we say goodbye 
I die a little
Every time we say goodbye 
I wonder why a little 
Why the gods above me 
Who must be in the know 
Think so little of me 
They allow you to go 
Tuesday night was always light, a small crowd wanting slow music and good drinks. On the half-filled floor, the mismatched couple drifted contently in each others’ arms to Tony Bennet’s voice. Shag cut platinum wig reflected red and green stars under a floppy blossom covered bonnet. The sunflower dress cinched her frail body at the waist in such away that it appeared she had a stunning figure. He dressed in his best suit with a little cologne. 
It had been a long day at the hospital, with tests and a session. Some news was promising and other things that were concerning. But there were no false illusions. They needed a diversion from the darkness. Out of the blue, she said she wanted to go dancing. Exhaustion and exhilaration alternated in her face as the tempo of the music changed. Time didn’t matter. The room didn’t matter. The other people snickering at the May-December romance didn’t matter. 
The little girl lived her tattoo. She was the sun. Some days it was behind the clouds of chemo, but he could still feel the warmth through the rain.
He led her back to their booth after they finished. Fresh martinis were waiting. Holly took a sip and looked around. Sinatra’s voice replaced Bennett’s as a new group waltzed their dreams away. 

Grasping his arm, she whispered. “Bart, this place is lovely.”
A wry smile came across the weathered face.
“It’s known around town as ‘God’s Waiting Room’ because of the older crowd.” He gazed at an older couple shagging to the upbeat piece. “Amy loved slow dancing and proper dinner dates.”
Holly smiled. “And handsome men, too?”
“When was the last time you came?”
“About a week before she died. She had a setback and I really wasn’t sure she could handle it, but it was important for her to come. Life was moving pretty fast and we knew we needed look around one more time before we missed it.She finished up dialysis that day and we came.” He looked down. “A couple of days later...”
“Shhh, Baby. I know.” The thin hand covered his and squeezed. “I saw your picture.” 
“Frank, over there, took that night.” Bart sighed. “We all knew what was coming. He brought it by after the funeral. It took a few days for me to put it up, but it is the best picture I have of us.”
“That’s why I wanted to come. I knew that was the best of you and you needed that back.” Holly kissed him lightly. “You are an angel and I love you.”
“I love you, too.” Then, with mock seriousness “While I could look at your face all night, you’re tired. We need to go.”

Dang it. I keep forgetting.
Topic (the best of you)-Tyler Myrth live from Purgatory.
Pic-Christine Wichman from her garden
Pic guesses: Sunflower (in blog) blossom covered (in blog), bouquet, love offering, cone, A surprise, Sunny day,


  1. This is powerful beyond description... I, too, enjoy a proper dinner date. Those are the ones we recall, and always fondly.