Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Pastorale (Blogophilia 27.10)

Steeds graze contently,
Watching us ride our race
Switching saddles in the diaphanous light
Filtering through leaves of gray
Crossroads of beginning and end.

Love is a temple, a higher law.
Did I disappoint you?
Bitter taste left in your mouth?
Or is the halter pulling
As I taste sweet hay?

Nay, a stallion I am not.
Just a plow horse furrowing the field
Sometimes, I wish to share a yoke
And a stall at vespers yield.

You see far pastures greener
Never more than a season, love
Share my hay and hold my foal
Let us receive the bounty from above.

Pic guesses: Steed (in blog), Plow (in blog), Saddle (in blog) race (in blog), gorgeous, mane, Stallion (in blog), happy
Lyric paraphrase is from One.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

How to Win at the Lottery....

Read this...

Why It Is A Fools Game

Then fold up your money and put it back in your wallet.

You are now $2 ahead.

Simple, right?

Petty Revenge Division (Blogophilia 26.10)

In a nondescript office outside Minneapolis....
Good evening and thanks for choosing Devil’s Quill. My name is Nimrod. How may I help you? Your neighbor bought a new car and you are jealous? Yes, Sir, we have a number of petty revenge options, but may I ask why you are so upset about a car? Oh...I see. He invited your wife to ride, but not you...and you saw them get out a motel and you couldn’t resist looking in the window?... Acting like monkeys?... I see...I understand you are upset and want payback. But may I ask why you using our petty division and not one the stronger menus? Oh, the price. Yes, your immortal soul does sound rather dear. You are in luck, we have a name your price option for every one of our services. For example, we can raid their trysts with a gloomy conga of glum looking beauties, so ugly it will turn off the horniest of people... Then we have the “touch of grey” options that turns the couple old before their eyes. What’s that? you want to do what to them with a bunch of bananas? Oh, myyyy....Sir. pasty fruit sounds tempting even for me, but I’m not sure if I can find 30,000 lbs of them...I do need to let you know special orders do cost a first born son...He’s worthless, too? It looks like we have plan. Let me look at the schedule...Did you want to witness this or go with plausible deniability? The latter? Certainly. Besides the son, what do you think this is worth? The right arm? That does sound reasonable. As a bonus, you are eligible for our Gomorrah special, turning your wife into a pillar of salt for looking at no extra charge. I am so glad we could help you and good luck pursuing the underage redhead...Oh, we know ALL, Sir. Have a good night.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Charlottesville (Blogophilia 25.10)

What a field-day for the heat 
A thousand people in the street 
Singing songs and carrying signs 
Mostly say, hooray for our side -Stephen Stills 1966

I didn’t think I would live to see history repeat itself, but here we are. In 1968, we had the Chicago Democratic Convention riots, where the protestors (my older brothers and sisters) exerting their disgust over perceived corruption of the democratic process, meeting a shielded blue line designed, hopefully, to protect those in power. Over time, those in power proved they did indeed have clay feet and fell to the scorn of all.
This past weekend we had the next generation of those protestors come up against the latest iteration of the White Power movement, who ironically are angry over what THEY perceive is the corruption of the democratic process. One had a temper like the other’s jealousy, producing confrontation as Thesis met Antithesis and reacted. One decided to go to war, taking twenty or so casualties. As the reaction is still brewing, it will be a while before we learn the synthesis. Although, I expect it will cause more erosion in White Power’s very limited power base. 
Reaction is ugly. It shows the worst of people. The base desires on violent display as they grasp for resources and perceived power over others. The energy is misguided, since the ones with the power and resources are not the ones the other side is facing. The ones with the gold and power are thousands of miles away, playing a chess game and these groups are pawns. 
Me? I sit on the sidelines, refusing to be pulled down the rabbit hole. My energy is much too valuable to waste on those arguments. When I’m gone, the next generation will do the same thing. It is like a perpetual motion clock. Confrontation and enmity are elephants who never forget. 
But I can divert it with some puppy love, right?

Pic guesses: Grotto, Swimming Hole, Hideaway, afternoon off, striped, skinny dip, cooling off.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

A Vulgar and Accurate Analysis.

This Analysis breaks down the current missile situation well. Two rich boys showing off their boners and threatening to fuck the world without lube.

Don't expect to cum before they do.

I heard him referred to as Dolt .45 today. I can accept that. 

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Urban Hiking (Blogophilia 24.10)

I was looking at the prompts this week and I thought about doing a WOFT segment, with Harry doing a Surf Music retrospective with the Ventures. But Christine Wichman, beat me to the punch. And really, there wasn’t anything Harry hadn’t covered before out there to work with.

I briefly considered a Devil’s Quill bit, using the “devil’s music” to draw the suckers in, but that didn’t really fly, either.

Then it occurred to me, Walk, Don’t Run perfectly sums up my fitness protocol. Due to a minor electrical/valve defect, I can’t run more than half a mile before my heart hits 200 beats per minute. But if I keep the speed to less than 4 mph (a good power walk pace), I can go all day long. And for us...uh, older...folks, it is much less stressful on the joints.

Do I do this in a gym? No. Those are meet markets down the street, where the boys and girls watch each other eat, when they only want to watch each other sleep. I’d like my scenery to change as I go. Hence my hobby of Urban Hiking. For the cost of the occasional park fee, I get a wide variety of views.

Atlanta has many options for the hiker. From more traditional forest hikes, (Chattahoochee River Trails, Kennesaw Mountain), to Historic Civil Rights trips (The King Center and The Carter Center are about 2 miles apart), to architecture sightings, the combination of hills, ground and pavement will keep you interested.

Last week, I tried a new place, South Peachtree Creek trail. At 2.2 miles, it is a moderate level trail running along both sides of a rail right-away near the Emory University campus, not far from my house. It has only been open about a year or so. The trail head was next to a set of tennis courts where a guy was channeling his inner John McEnroe, which made the first 1/4 mile kind of annoying.

A large part of the trail uses boardwalk due to the terrain and in some areas, it appears you are walking along the treetops looking down at the under-story along the creek.

There is a side trail where an abandoned pump house has been tagged by “artists”.

The remains of their tagging party was sadly apparent. Often, I carry a garbage bag to pack out trash, but I didn’t have one with me on this trip. It’s part of being a trail angel and the karma is often returned. 
As with most trails here in town, you run into random art. It makes for a nice touch.

I will be returning to this trail again in the near future. There are a couple of more side trails needing to be looked at. 
So, how about you? How do you get your exercise in? Are you a goal achiever or do you prefer to smell the roses as you go along?
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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Window Shopping (Blogophilia 23.10)

All legs, no chin
Limp locks dripping on thin shoulders
Gazing through the glass
At the blue frock
Trying faces
Some of satin, some of steel

Thin lips reflect her doubt
Damp wings bent
Out of the chrysalis
Is she ready to fly?

Not a person yet
A stranger comes along
Waiting to take her into the wildfire
Of life.
Pic guesses: Bent (in blog) Damp Wings (in blog) Earthbound Misfit, Fallen angel, Flightless, Chrysalis (in blog), Fly Away.