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Taking the Knee.

Everyone is in an uproar over sports "stars" kneeling during the National Anthem opening. It's the same as a Hooker saluting your flag before she sucks your wallet dry.

Only the NFL does it without lube or protection.

Dahlia's Game (Blogophilia 31.10)

Given the topics is Vintage Lies, Dahlia’s five truths game will work. The “vintage” part is most of these events take place before I got married (and boring). I was in a bar on a random Wednesday night. It was kind of slow, so I was able to get a seat next to this bald fellow chatting up a lady. Just after I gave my order, the lady excused herself and the man turned to me and asked for a light. It was Telly Savalas. After attending a club show, I was accosted by two blind men begging for money, one of them playing a banjo. It was Steve Martin and Martin Mull. The lambs looked out of place, but the street scene finds focus in their face.I took a college class with Jeff Foxworthy. He’s a lot smarter than he makes out.If you are familiar with the book “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”, I was acquainted with both Danny Hansford and his killer, Jim Williams at different times in my life. I played chess with Mark David Chapman. He was high every time we met and he smelled like clov…

No Internet Blues (Blogophilia 30.10)

Hit it This ain't no disco It ain't no country club, either This is the ATL
“All I want to do is watch a show before I die” Says the man next to me out of nowhere It's apropos of nothing He says is name is Tyler, but I'm sure He's Michael or Thom or Dave. He's not even real to me And I wonder if he's ever watched TV in his entire life. We're drinking beer at four on a Sunday In a dive in the Bible Belt South across from the fishin' pond The good people heading to evening prayer After Sunday dinner naps Ready to sleep some more as the preacher drones On whether marriage is the grave and tomb of wit While they squirm in the hard pews, Wishin' they were in the eternal flame. After they go back to the blank screens Where Xfinity and Uverse cut the cable After the storm.
All I wanna do is watch TV And all I see is a blank screen Things I have seen I can't see no more. All I wanna do is watch TV Until the sun comes up Over Peachtree Industrial …

Escape to Spencer (Blogophilia 29.10)

Our topic this week is "Lost and Found". When said, most people think of this
Where bags go to die Another way to think of it is what has been lost to society as time has progressed or regressed. My wife Kathryn and I took a trip to the highlands of East Central Tennessee this past week and Fall Creek Falls State Park to escape the madness of the city. The original intent was to camp out and hike the falls. But further research discovered the Mountaineer Folk Festival, a large craft show, was being held two weeks earlier than we had originally planned. Kathryn wanted to go, so I moved our departure two weeks earlier to accommodate her (after all, if the wife isn't happy, no one is). Because of the event, I found the park to be completely booked up for the weekend. The lady on the phone was great. She referred me to a local RV park called Mountain Glen. A couple of quick calls to the proprietor, Joyce, we were set to go. The trip up was uneventful except for one thing. …

Summer (Blogophilia 28.10)

New season and another chance to suck at guessing...

But, that’s okay.

It’s all made up and the points don’t matter. Right?


Anyway, you want to know about my summer. I will say, compared to last year, it was complete snooze. No surgeries, cardiac scares or major job relocations were involved. I did start with a very rainy camping trip to the Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina, where I did get a couple of miles slogging through flooded trails between storms. But the campsite had a top notch shelter which kept the worst of the wet off us and the equipment. Mostly, Kathryn and I spent our days playing cards and hanging out.

While we were up there, we stopped in Cherokee and spent a couple of hours in Harrah’s. You know those commercials that show the happy 30-somethings partying and winning? About that...All I saw were escapees from the nursing home puttering around on their mobility scooters, pulling the oxygen tubes away from their noses for “one last drag as they approac…