Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Tribute.(GBE 92)

I think a short tribute to the Group Blogging Experience is in order.  Five years ago, I stumbled on to the original version of this confab on MySpace and I thought "I could do this".  I needing something other than work and family to stimulate me.  I got to meet (both online and IRL) some of neatest, nicest people ever.  I will forever be grateful to Alicia and Laurie Ann and all those who encouraged me here and in the other writing groups I have had the privilege to have participate in.

For those of you who don't know me real well, here is a good intro link that I did for Blogophilia

Meet and Greet.

Let me extend this invitation to anyone wanting to explore the archive to go right ahead.  I don't bite.  But sometimes my mind takes strange trips. 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Blogophilia 1.6, Meet and Greet.

A new season and a new meet and greet.  I'm going to be lazy and post the link to last years post.

So, Who Am I?

Which gives a fairly good background, but let me update.

My name still Christopher Mitchell and my Internet Handle still is Another Government Employee, but since last year I have changed jobs.  I have started a new position as a contract employee with a large government contractor.  For the past month, I have immersed myself in their paperwork and methods.  And they are just about as convoluted as the agency I used to work for.  Nothing involving government is logical and is designed to quiet the loudest constituencies only.  If you watch the news, you probably already know that.

One really nice thing about my new office is it is located between two of my favorite hiking trails and I can spend the early mornings here:

The pictures are worth a thousand words.  Fun and peace along the river I know so well.  These two were taken at the Cochran Shoals section of the Chattahoochee Nation River Park outside Atlanta.  It is popular with joggers, hikers and bikers and is a terrific place say your morning prayers for the blessing of creation.

I've been an avid urban hiker for a number of years.  I find that any place I go, there are woods to explore or streets to walk down and observe.  I generally only do day hikes, although this past year I had a wonderful opportunity to go the the Len Foote Inn outside Dahlonega for a spectacular greeting of the Sun.  One I do have planned for the future is Broadway, or Manhattan, Tip to Tip.  It's 6.2 miles from Battery Park to the Fort in Inwood.  Should be about 3 hours, but probably longer because I'll detour into Central Park at West 59th St and loop the lake. 

 The Len Foote Trip

I started writing for Blogophilia during Season Two.  I had been lurking for a few months trying to decide if I wanted to add another assignment (I was writing for the original Group Blogging Experience at the time) and I wanted to try my hand at short fiction type pieces.  I mentioned on Spidey John's naughty site, and he told me to come on over.  I don't think I've missed a week since.  There have been a few weeks where I wondered where the piece was going to come from, but I always seem to get it done.

What brings me back?  The challenge of producing a piece every week.  It is like an interior decorator who has to do a new room every week and decide if the pink and blue doilies will look good against the gun metal couch in the fuchsia room.  It allows me to work with different forms and structure and plumb my imagination for stories.  I know I have done a couple that have included brass bands and big thinkers.  I've done satirical pieces and romantic vignettes and developed several characters that serve as muses to both my lighter and darker sides.

Where to go from here?  Good question.  I have a couple of ideas.  Maybe a 100 word challenge (this is sometimes called a dribble) would be fun.  And maybe a logline prompt (a logline is a one line plot summary used in scriptwriting).  Push us a bit futher.  It's fun.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Go for the Gusto (GBE 92)

"Go for the gusto."

If you don't remember that Schlitz commercial, well you can get off my lawn. 

For you younger types, the pieces showed manly men going out and doing manly things, and then getting together with their manly friends to drink manly beer.  Of course, the implication was you couldn't enjoy those manly things without the manly beer.  So, go out and buy a case today!

Most advertisements work like that.  A psychological message that you can't enjoy your day without this drink, or that shirt or those shoes.  And there is no helping you if you don't smell like leather or flowers.  You will just be a ugly, soulless schmuck with no hope for attracting the opposite sex (or the same sex, if that is what you prefer).  And you need the slick car to cart it all around. 

But do we really need all this stuff?  No.  When it is all over and out bodies get disposed of (by whatever method seems best to you), all this crap stays behind.  Enjoy those around you.  It is the memories that last. 

Breathe.  It is all we are designed to do. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

A secret (Blogophilia 52.5)

You want to know a secret?

It doesn't matter who you are

Rich or poor

Famous or not

We all are skating on thin ice.

The Natives found that out

When DeSoto took the smallpox tour.

And that guy with all the money?

He's hiding in plain sight

From the transgressions

That will bring him lower than death.

The only difference today

Is they come to light faster

And harder

With no forgetting

And no forgiveness.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Cold Glass

Cold glass
Warm feeling
Ravel from the speakers
Roses from your hair.

Share us now
Red wine
Soft touch
Gracious joy
Blessed sleep.

Crowds (GBE 90)

They say that three is a crowd.

Everything should be two by two.

Only by two can new life arive.

And even then

Must be opposite.

But, why?

A artificial constraint?

Left over by the jealous?

I guess we'll never know. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Red Rock (Blogophilia 50.5)

Chasing a bleeding sun
Across red rock
The last exit
Before Hell
Has come

Dreaming a painting
While painting a dream
Borne of tabs
Shaman's purses

Another joint
Trying to fend off
Bloodhares wanting to
Consume my

Finally the exit passes
And I turn on 
The Devils Highway.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Dreams (GBE 90)

So what are your dreams?

Or as I have put it in my work, what do you want to be when you grow up? 

Of course, there are the two types of dreams.  Sleeping dreams with fantasies so great we tremble at their appearance, flying naked around stone castles, or defending maidens against dragons.  Do we win or lose?  In the end it doesn’t matter because we wake up.

Then you have the waking dreams.  The mirages of goals shimmering in the desert, shifting and fading as we trudge along the sands of life.  And when we reach one, we realize it was smaller than we though.  Or worse, like the new Coke commercial, it is just another billboard pointing across to a distant mountain, daring us to follow.  

When I was in college, I had the dream of being a radio disc jockey.  I would hear the voices come over the speakers and think what a cool gig.  All I have to do is just sit and talk about music. I went so far as to volunteer at the campus station and I found out a lot of back story.  Programming meetings and preparation for each show ate a lot of time.  I didn’t mind much, really.  I didn’t have a girl friend at the time, so all time was my own.  And I would wait for Sunday at 8:00PM for my four hours of jazz.  I learned so much of the artists and honed a delivery style that was a bit unique. 

But it was just another billboard pointing across to a mountain if I wanted to continue.  Ultimately, I chose to chase another mirage of business and accounting.  Did it suit my nature?  No.  But a steady income seemed to be more important at the time.   

I have spent this week at a new workplace.  First new one for me in fifteen years and the event have me thinking about how we perceive our dreams.   Are they goals?  Or are they just a series of illusions and false scenarios to push us on in this life? 

Newscast (Blogophilia 50.5)

“…And that was Heather Hardon reporting…”

“This just in. People everywhere have turned out to protest the bill the State Legislature requiring the implementation of Christ’s Second Law, “Love thy neighbor as thyself”.  Let’s go to our Justin Tyme for an update.  Justin?”

“Yes, Harry.  It’s pandemonium out here at the State Capitol. It is as if Mars Attacks being played out on the steps. The Nosy Women’s League, long the enemy of joy and contentment has said it is against Biblical Principles for men to love themselves.  There have been rumors the ladies are planning some kind of action, but we haven’t seen that yet. We went around asking people in the crowd to voice their opinions.  Could you roll that tape, please?

”[small pause]
(A primly dressed woman in a high necked blouse appears on screen)  “What is it with this Life of Brian nonsense?  Men loving each other?  It sounds like a one of those movies we are trying to ban.  Anger at enemies is what runs this society.  To assume anything else is complete flight of fancy. ”

(Next is a large black man in a Hugo Boss suit) “Love Whitey?  He’s done nothing but enslave and kill us and many other peoples. Ever see Birth of a Nation? And this silliness of love thy neighbor?  Only if they are one of us. “  

(Finally, a little kid comes on the screen) “In Sunday School, teacher talks about suffering little children.  I think I understand, now.” 

[another small pause]
“Yes, Harry, it is crazy down here.  Oh, look.  The National Guard has come.  And they are in full riot gear.  What’s that, Sir?  I’m under arrest?  For what?  Hey! That’s the station’s camera…”