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Dead Angle (Blogophilia 19.9)

Twenty men Pinned by fire behind a small brow At Dead Angle Wait in the rain Hope to take the hill Blinded by gunsmoke Choked by flying dust Comrades dead and bleeding on both sides In the fight of their lives
Forty eight hours Sitting in mud and filth Hidden in plain sight Ordinance flying over their head The Illinois Regulars waited Screams of the fallen echoing below Everyone ready to rumble Liking the fast lane to victory
Gray Line finally weakens Rushing up the hill Capturing cannon and killing stragglers Cheatham Hill finally falls The most important domino Of Sherman’s bloody dream. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Ooops, forgot the guesses Topic (fight of their lives)- Liam Liam McKormic Pic-Dave Raider Pic guesses- Needle. There it is, Log in your eye, Still too small, Hairpin

Nixon's Next Project

In the Devil's Quill executive conference room in Arlington VA, Richard Nixon and the top operations directors are having their weekly status meeting.

Richard Nixon: "O.K., folks. Let's settle down and get to business. Marty, can you give us a status report on the new employee recruiting process?

Marty Mammon: "Certainly. Things are better than expected. This new internet tool has been instrumental in capturing even the hardest cases. We've reduced Maker's intake load by 30%, while increasing our call centers capacity by an almost like amount."

Nixon: "Excellent. Beezlebub said you were the best at building tests."

Mammon: "Been at it a long time, Sir. One thing I have always taken to heart was something an old guy told me. 'It ain't over until it's over'"

Nixon: "Ah, Yogi..."

Mammon: "No, Sir. Berra stole that from one of my earliest projects, Job. I thought that guy would never quit. Maker ended up blinkin…

White Lightning (Blogophilia 19.9)

Glistening in the moonlight Warming your soul like your wedding night Removing remembrance of time Replacing it with fire thorn strife Burning gut and soul In equal measure Stand out in the field If you dare Take the jar from the old man And forget the world.

The Cake (Blogophilia 17.9)

And she was like a starry night Like a Ferris wheel, full of blue-green eyes And a heart of steel, always on her own  Almost never real  Lazy morning light projected shadows diagonally across the grey hairs of his chest. Noise of a hand mixer and punk rock music had finally woken Bart. As he rubbed his eyes he wondered, when was the last time it had been used? Before Amy’s last chemo, he guessed. This roller coaster ride was real. Everything seemed renewed, even though he knew would end sooner or later. With a prayer of gratitude, he slipped on a robe and went to the kitchen. She didn’t hear him pad in. Cream cheese wrappers were lined up like solders on the counter. The sugar canister was open and he could feel the heat of the oven. Her back was to him, totally focused on the task at hand. The tattered flower apron accentuated her thinness, but he didn’t care. The bird like features of the face more than made up for it. This place was a home again. 
Reaching around her waist, he placed a…


A horrible night. A horrible weekend. Anger and powerlessness lashing out Against the even more powerless.
The bleating starts. They had it coming! Truly they are sinners! The wages of sin are death! But death indeed comes to us all.
There is nothing to say No one will learn No one will hear All that can be done Is offer succor for the grief And prayers to the violators Knowing their hearts are not changed.

Starting Over (Blogophilia 16.9)

It had to happen, I know. I actually missed a deadline.  Oh, it could have been much worse. I could still be in the hospital with a 5” incision up my right side and couple of drains and all that. But, damn it, I had a story about a third done and I can’t type worth a crap on the phone. Saving the string would have required the desktop. Now, alas, the string is dead. Long Live The String!  So, let’s look back. I wrote my first entry in the summer of 2007. Between then and now is about 470 weeks (thank you, Siri) and I managed to submit entries on every one of those weeks. About 155 reside in my notes here on Facebook, but I switched over to 2010 because of the more flexible format. Sure, some of them were complete phone-ins, a few recycles on weeks where life was too crazy. But you folks are important. I guess the best way to start over is to bring you fully up to date, Monday night after supper I began to have very sharp pains in on …