Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Dead Angle (Blogophilia 19.9)

Twenty men
Pinned by fire behind a small brow
At Dead Angle
Wait in the rain
Hope to take the hill
Blinded by gunsmoke
Choked by flying dust
Comrades dead and bleeding on both sides
In the fight of their lives

Forty eight hours
Sitting in mud and filth
Hidden in plain sight
Ordinance flying over their head
The Illinois Regulars waited
Screams of the fallen echoing below
Everyone ready to rumble
Liking the fast lane to victory

Gray Line finally weakens
Rushing up the hill
Capturing cannon and killing stragglers
Cheatham Hill finally falls
The most important domino
Of Sherman’s bloody dream.

Ooops, forgot the guesses
Topic (fight of their lives)- Liam Liam McKormic
Pic guesses- Needle. There it is, Log in your eye, Still too small, Hairpin

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