Bath Time (Blogophilia 19.12)

Rain slapped against the window behind them as they looked at the empty glasses. Neither of them had the energy to get more. When Harry Met Sally flickered on the wall, sound muted to sooth their heads. It was their go to when all they wanted to do was to stare at the TV. Tonight was one of those nights. Problems at work and home had left them too tired to even quote the movie like they usually did. The sound of water Splashing soon drowned out everything. It was bath time and Emmy was on stage. Tonight it was a musical. She was Producer, Director and Ringmaster of the Circus. In a loud voice she proclaimed. “Ladies and Gentlemen! I present ‘Endless Hours Under the Wiwows! Staring ME! Emily Morris!” Now she was the audience, giving a herself a standing ovation. Lord, that girl was loud, but entertaining. They paused the movie and looked at each other. It was tempting to get up and watch the performance, but Kathy shook her head no. It would ruin it. One by one she introduced the …

After the Sparks Fade (Blogophilia 17.12)

Quiet night Whiskey on the table Did she know of the crush? The one in the wings wishing to be Chevalier blanc contre le nuit noir?
Lighted match The image turns to ash.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Topic-Rebecca Grusendorf Pic-Tyler Myrth Pic guesses- Walk in the woods, boardwalk, Destiny, Rain, Damp, Mossy

Cochran Mill (Blogophilia 16.12)

The sky was milky with streaks of silver. The weather said the storm risk at 60% with high humidity and temps in the low 90’s. The bacon is frying and coffee is made. Yeah, I still want to do this. My idea of summertime fun and play involves sweat and sights. I quickly eat breakfast and head out. It’s not every day I go to the southside without the wife. Cochran Mill Park is an 800 acre plot of creeks and waterfalls 20 miles southwest of Atlanta. It has been praised for it’s beauty by the Atlanta hiking community. This past weekend, I got the chance to enjoy it. Inside the park is a forest that is fairly old, consisting of 75 to 100 year old beech and sweet-gum trees, with a few larger oaks scattered here and there. The understory is mostly wild azaleas, and fast growing vines, with lots of poison ivy. So going off-trail is not recommended. Main Falls There are 18 miles of well maintained trails scattered over four loops. For my first trip, I chose the two shorter trails, the Green…

Pound Cake (Blogophilia 15.12)

Pound of sugar
Pound of flour
Dozen eggs
A little vanilla
Maybe a twist of lemon
Candied peaches on top
A bridge of sighs
As it is served
Hoping for a new balance
In the nap that follows. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Topic-Michelle King Pic Trevor Clower Pic guesses- Cable locks, unplugged, Marley Mon,

Fall Life (Blogophilia 14.12)

Sun low on the moss covered bank.Line drifting in the wind.Spirit subduedFire burnsToes slap cool waterChange in the air.Catch sizzling Translucent smokeUps and downsLight fades.Her partner gone.Vespers, finishing grace Sense of calm surroundsFields fallowEpiphany of lifeWinter coming The hope of the grave. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Topic-Kim Herndon Pic-Tyler Myrth Pic Guesses-Waterfall, Double Rainbow, colors, victory, home, supplication, Rolling pond,

Long Time Gone (Blogophilia 13.12)

“Some stories are best remained untold.” It was fitting it was inscribed on the marker after all that had happened. It had been the last thing she said to me, almost thirty years ago. Sweat stings my eyes. I always feel out of place here. It had only been a one night stand...that spilled out over a weekend. Never had anything like before or since. It had been glorious. I can’t even remember if we wore clothes at all. Bikini lines contrasted with my monochrome paste as we danced. Gardenia and musk mixed with her sun roughened skin as she moved. Hands drifting down my cheek and across my lips, tasting what she offered. We were born to be wild, sharing stories of pain and abandonment as we made love on the lake, in the tent, and in the woods. Each tale burned away with our energy and she became more beautiful. Spent, she slept with her ponytail splayed across my chest. When we woke, I gently pulled to bring her close as we fed each other breakfast. When it was all over, I walked her t…

Noonday Creek (Blogophilia 12.12)

Late night, busy day. Five miles- paved trail never walked. It was disappointing. Warehouses, not trees. Very commercial.
Ancient spirits guiding me. Not the political stuff No texting, virtual signaling No covers for hiding behind the reality Of the powerful abusing the powerless.
Cabernet in front of me easing sore muscles Tomorrow hopes we’ve learned Something from yesterday But on review...
We haven’t.
Bottoms up.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Topic-Colleen Keller Breuning Pic-Michael Todd Pic guesses: Head over heels, Flip out, jump for joy, boardwalk,