White Roses (Blogophilia 1.12)

Modest bodice Black lace Belt trimmed waist Fedora topped fantasy
Innocence. Exploration. Hiding hysteria Half a generation old Eat it up and breathe it in Let it become you like it's always been

Powerless to fight Against the tide. Dozen white roses Fade from view
Abandoned on white sheets Tousled and tossed Dark against light Musk remains
Regret, Table for one.

Fifteen Minute Blind Write (Blogophilia 53.11)

Something I haven’t done for a while. Fifteen minutes...anything and everything that comes to mind. The Midnight Special is the topic and if you are old like me, you might remember the show coming on Saturday night after the evening body count. Sometimes the had a host, other times not. What they did have was the hottest music available on the planet. One act would be Disco, while the next was metal. All the fun of a club without the DUI danger. The only show anywhere close to it these days is “Later, with Jools Holland”, and we can only get year old shows here in the States. Speaking of music, anybody know what Willie Nelson’s first #1 song is? It’s Crazy. It allowed him to move out of his car and kept him Walking the Floor over her ever since. This week’s picture looks like the yellow brick road, curling into the Emerald City. I have to admit it is a gorgeous shot, but be sure not to look behind the curtain as you come under the bridge. You might find someone stopped by a cop fee…

Walking (Blogophila 52.11)

“Daddy?” “Yes, Emmy?” “What do you know?” “About what? The baby?” “No.” “Then, what?” “About hearts.” “They beat. They run blood through your lungs the up to you brain to help you think..” “, it runs blood to the baby?” “Yes, Sweetie.” “I heard if you smell flowers like a bee, it makes the baby sweeter.” “You’ll have to ask Mommy about that.” “Daddy?” “Am I made of sugar?” “No, Emmy. You’re salt and pepper. Now, let’s get on home.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Topic-Michael Todd Pic-Dahlia Ramone Pic guesses: Flowers (in blog), Cherry tree, Brick path, blooms, way home.

Rainy (Blogophilia 51.11)

Emily looked out the living room window, her scarlet curls reflecting in the glass. What a yucky day. Black mud pitted and splashed as each raindrop hit it. She knew it would be fun to play in it, mud all over face and dress. Mommy would be mad, her face squinched up like something smelled bad, yelling about being a mess and making a mess. The bath after would be fun, too. All the dirt piled up on the bottom and sides of the tub. But it was too cold outside. The “Ponies of the World” coloring book was on the coffee table next to her box of crayons. Grandma had given it to her for Christmas and there were only a couple of pages left. She liked finishing things. Flipping through the coloring book, she smiled. She had stayed in the lines. Her friends had torn up their coloring books, but not her. Both Mommy and Grandma said she was pretty neat when it came to paper stuff. It wasn’t that way at school. Miss Morgan would get after her for being too slow when she tried to be neat. If she r…

The Drive In (Blogophilia 50.11)

Traffic on 400 was light and the orange sunrise matched his mood. The long expanse of concrete dulled Jimmy’s senses. This thoughts drifted to this morning. In a soft voice he began to sing. “I've got you under my skin. I have got you, deep in the heart of me...” Her stepping out of the shower, flashing what he’d seen so many times before. “So deep in my heart that you're really a part of me. I've got you under my skin.” The firm hand ran along his chin, sending a thrill where it shouldn’t. It wasn’t smooth any more, which made it more ticklish and fun. Their little dance played in in the mirror as she swayed from side to side. The hand drifted across his chest, across his round belly. “I'd sacrifice anything come what might for the sake of having you near” Wet hair tucked into his shoulder and she purred. “Jimmy Morris, do I dazzle you?” “Forever, Kathy Simpson.” The sound of his shout rattled around the car and a silly grin spread across his face. “Forever and al…

Shower (Blogophilia 49.11)

Hey, Heidy and Howdy! Good Morning Geritol Generation! Harry Handy is up early to give you your non-caffeine oldies jolt. Let’s start off with what you’re supposed to be doing right now...from 1958-Bobby Darin is Splish Splash-ing into your hearts... The green eyes popped open. Good Lord, that’s cold. Quickly, Kathy flicked the faucet temperature up and gently eased back in. Grabbing the wash cloth, she could hear Jimmy grunting.on the toilet. “God, I hope he remembered to spray”, Kathy said to herself. Popping gas echoed over the inane radio patter. Of all his sexy smells, that one wasn’t. Of course, he said the same thing about her and she’d agree. Handling gross was one thing you learned as when you had been together as long as they had been. Lavender and vanilla blocked out the worst of it. Her nose began to run a bit. The water brushed the drip away as she washed her face. The washcloth felt rough for some reason. Looking at it, she wondered-was this one of the wedding presents?…

Emily's Morning (Blogophilia 48.11)

Emily rubbed her eyes as she went into the bathroom. It was to get ready for school and her face was caked with remains of breakfast. Krave crumbs against red curls was good makeup at least she thought so. Mommy didn’t and said to wash her face and hurry up about it. She wasn’t going to have the other kids think she was some orphan off the street. Just as the water got hot enough, Mommy yelled from the kitchen “Emmy! Hurry up. It’s time to go.” She splashed the water along her chin and followed up with a washcloth. Looking carefully in the mirror, it looked like she’d gotten it all. The drops of suds beaded up on the side of the sink. She’ll get yelled at when she got home, but there wasn’t time. Being late was worse than a mess. She tore out the door and toward the kitchen door. Rushing out, the Peppa Pig lunchbox was waiting on the counter. Grabbing it, she piled out the door. The backseat door was open and waiting. Mommy had a silly grin on her face as she buckled her in. Mommy an…