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Richard Nixon's new job.

In a lush executive suite in Arlington VA

"So, Dick, you are telling me the sabotage plan for the election is almost complete?"

"That is right, Sir. We sent our best people to populate both sides."

"This...Hilary...I know her husband served us well, but frankly I have never had much luck with women in power."

"Don't worry, Mr. Beezelbub, she'll make my record look statesman-like before we are done."

"I  hope so.You were so bad, you gave Devil's Quill a good reputation."

"I'll take that as a compliment, Sir."

"Now, the others. It looks like the old Jew's run out of gas."

"Yeah, but he did make for a good distraction with all the old Marx stuff."

"Now, on the other side, it looks like you have two of our best cancelling each other out. Why was that?"

"Smoke and mirrors, Sir. The whole scheme is based on the flock being divided into multiple camps. It was part of the contract…

Demos (Blogophilia 9.9)

For extra money, my wife does product demonstrations on the side. You’ve seen these (mostly older) women behind their collapsible stands handing out tiny portions of products hoping to entice into their spider web so you will buy. Once in a while, a product is either so good or so bad they stick in the mind long after the event is over. This past weekend was one of those events. It involved this nutrition bar:

RxBars It is another entry in the gold mine that is the nutritional bar segment. Soy and gluten free, it has no grain binders at all. Just the above listed ingredients, plus flavorings. Good if you have gluten issues. Bad if you have nut issues. It comes in three flavors: Blueberry, Chocolate Sea Salt and Coconut Chocolate.  It is the last flavor that is memorable in its own way, or the lack of flavor thereof. Mind you, the other two flavors are quite good. In fact, I just finished one the above Blueberry ones as a snack. But when I ate the Coconut bar last night, one of my old…

Sunset on the Lighthouse (Blogophilia 8.9)

He had begun to snore as his hand slipped off the mouse and against his drink. Whiskey and water soaked his lap. Snapping awake, he reached for a towel and managed to dry off to where it didn’t look like he had wet his pants. How long he had been out? Long enough said the black screen in front of him.  Tapping the key, the lighthouse came back into view. It was the best image from his last. The structure rose up behind the haunted driftwood forest, daring all those near to explore. And such adventures it held. The picture also showed how perilously close to the water to structure was. Someone said it may be a little as ten years before nature claimed it. He wanted to go back there before it washed into the sea.  To go back with her.  A frizzy haired apple, she was the first girl that had ever paid attention to him. And for that, he was forever grateful. She had taught him beauty was internal.  Even the first encounter was unusual. Passed out and dressed in a sweatshirt and panties a…

We Toil

We toil For unseen gains From unseen bosses Living in gated houses In gated communities Driving our little tanks Filled with precious cargo Seeking protection from Unbridled anger In our own prison Where we are guard And inmate.

Spring Afternoon (Blogophilia 7.9)

There she is New wine in small porcelain skin Singing joy to the Lord on a porch swing Voice having no key Melody having no rhythm Daring to be honest Fearing no labor Little brother begins to dance Walking backward toward the door In a flash Mom reaches out To hug them one more time.
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