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Trouble at The Big Dog Garage (Blogophilia 22.10)

It is a rainy morning at the Big Dog Garage. Jay is at his desk in the shop, looking troubled. Revenue is down and hard decisions are being made... "Honk." "Oh, yeah. Oldsmobile Toranado. Roll on in here." "Vroom...squeak...squeak." "You need to do something about that suspension. Anyway, the reason I called you here is I've run into a little bit of a money problem and it is causing me to look at my cars." "Beep?!" "YouTube channel ratings are down and CNBC might be dropping us. Times change, you know. It sucks. Mavis and I, we're aren’t getting any younger and I lost one of the mechanics last year. All of us the garage sat down and we had a long discussion over you guys." "Honk!" [Water begins to leak from the washer] "You figured it out, huh? It isn't that you haven't been a fun ride over the years. You're comfortable and stylish and you love the night life. We had a blast when we first f…

The Amaryllis (Blogophilia 20.10)

Amaryllis in crystal vase A box of the finest chocolates Secret admirer thinks he’s being clever
It isn’t 1920 A girl must always be on guard A couple of clicks I see it is him.
He thinks he’s the knight in shining armor, A vassal attached to a kingly land. All I see is a mousy coward. Not worthy of my feet, much less my hand.
Oh, I suppose it is rather sweet. And, Lord knows I’m no fair lass. But this is third time this week My sail isn’t going up the mast.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Topic-Violeta Falo Tiumalu Pic-Irene Melgoza Pic guesses: Beatrix Potter, Fluffy, lop ears, bugs, furball, Fatal Attraction,

Another Drunk Entertainment Type

Another Drunk Entertainment Type.

So, today's clay feet belong to Shia LeBoeuf.

Old Beefy got marinated on River Street in Savannah and managed to make enough of an ass out of himself to get checked into jail.

Sadly this isn't his first rodeo. Reality is slapping him hard this time, though.

I hope he wakes up.

But, if he doesn't, Bonaventure Cemetery has a plot waiting.

Cy Timmons - Nowhere


We're on the Soul Train (Blogophilia 20.10)

Hey, Heidy and Howdy! Harry Handy, is back on the air! So, how are you, Geritol Generation? Get that iron up, cause we're going to get down here at The Fart. I'm channeling Don Cornelius this week and giving proper respect to those artists rocking our world.

That's right we are discovering the soul of SOUL. Put the daisy chains and hibiscus in your hair (the purple offsets the gray wonderfully), and enjoy the ride.

I can say without a doubt, if it hadn't been for that music, I'd never be on the radio. Most kids my age listened to the ball games. I listened to the likes of Alley Pat and Night Train Lane. And the music they played! I got caught with the earphone through my shirt because I kept dancing in my seat. And I watch Soul Train over American Bandstand because Don was cool and Dick was not. Since I could play or sing, I played the ones who could and the rest is history.

You can't start a show like this without going to the deepest roots of the music.