Tuesday, September 24, 2013

At the Pyramid (Blogophilia 31.6, Part 4 of the 1st 48 parody)

Thirty Six hours into the 1st 48, Sgts. Farthing and Sullens are no closer to closing the homicide case of Ronald Duck, found in a heap on Beale St.

Sullens puts in a call to Lt. Slezak, head of the Vice squad, asking if he was aware of anyone fitting the description of the suspect. They do a check in the records and come up with a couple of possible suspects.  One of them goes by the street name Age.  He's known to spend time in blues clubs and in the casinos down in Mississippi. Sullens looks him up in the database.

Christopher Mitchell, also known as A.G.E. is a former government employee with prior misdemeanor convictions for shoplifting adult toys and solicitation.  Originally from Georgia, he has been in the Memphis are for the last several years, drifting in and out of homelessness.   Slezak provides Sullens with the last known address. 

"There's the Big Bad Wolf. Hmmm.....Active warrants for Lewd Behavior.  Oh, he drives a taxi.  Excellent.  I guess we can pick him up."

He calls down to patrol with a BOLO on Mitchell to bring him in for questioning.

Meanwhile, Farthing and Brick attend a memorial service for Ronald Duck, hoping to find someone with information. It was typical fast food service and they were the only ones in attendance. 

Det. Brick approaches the coffin: "The music stopped for him, didn't it?"

Farthing shakes her graying head. "All for finding that sweet emotion."

"With a rag doll." Brick snorts.  "Or a rubber one."

They turn away and start towards the entrance to the funeral home.  Brick reaches into her purse for her keys. 

"Guess he didn't realize the Devil's got a new disguise."

"He thought she was a woman of the world, but didn't walk that way.  He wasn't exactly drop dead gorgeous."

"Oh, come on. Why don't you just say they tried to have love in an elevator and let it go."

Back at the office, Sullens updates the other two detectives on the suspect, Mitchell. 

Farthing looks at the picture.  "Looks like Basil Fawlty a bit, don't you think?"

"Who the heck is that?" Brick answers.

"Oh, character on this show, Fawly Towers,  that comes PBS on Saturday.  It's British.  You wouldn't understand."

"Guess not.  The give me a headache the way they talk." The ladies at my church talk about this Downton Abbey thing.  All it sounds like is a bunch of rich people acting the fool and getting away with it."

"Pretty good description of that."  Sullens replies.  "My girlfriend likes it.  I'd rather drink."

Rrrriinnng [Sullens picks up the phone]

"You got him?  Good.  Bring him on up."[hangs up]

"They just picked up Mitchell at the Pyramid, hustling spectators for money.  So, now we'll hear what he has to say."


This is part 4 of an ongoing series for Blogohphilia, a Facebook based writing group. 

Our Prompts this week were:

When the music stopped
Grimm fairytale character (Big Bad Wolf)
British TV show (Fawlty Towers and Downton Abbey)

The previous installments are:

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Death, the stock in trade
Of  data purveyors online
Bleeding leads
Body rot and moulder
Titillating the  baser instincts

Over flocks and herds
Who's existence is only
Creating imaginary wealth
From the ashes of
Trees and rubble of the ground

Comes now
Is the vineyard keeper
What will be His reaction
When instead of vines
Breaking with fruit
Sees only desert twigs. 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Homeless (Blogophilia 30.6)

In the Memphis Homicide of Ronald Duck, found bludgeoned on Beale St...

Sgt. Sullens and Farthing go the last known address of Duck, a homeless shelter located behind the Stax recording studio.  The manager, Mr. Sole, is a volunteer and is dressed in his mailman's uniform ready to go to his other job when they arrive.  Sullens shows Sole Duck's picture and he recognizes him immediately.  He states that Duck had been evicted from the shelter four days ago after being caught playing with a rubber duck.  The manager gives the detectives an emergency contact, a cousin named Si Robertson in West Monroe, LA, about 200 miles away.

[Montage of the full moon rising over Police Headquarters]

Back at the office, Brick calls the number provided for Si.

"Is this Si Robertson?"

"Yeah. What about it?

"This is Detective Brick from Memphis Homicide.  Do you know a Ronald Duck?"

"That fool?  He was one of my decoys until I fired him for telling me lies.  Last I heard, he was heading up there to be a lake duck. All he was good for, really.  He was weird, always going his pwn way and wanting to mess with the wood ducks. We wouldn't eat him. And we always eat what we shoot."

"We need to tell you he is dead."

"Really? And that's suppose to hit me like a landslide?  No Loss. Call back some other time." <Click>

[Det. Brick stares at the receiver just a moment.  Then softly puts it down.]

"That was a first, a next of kin who didn't break down...Hey, Cheap.  Looks like our deceased was not the tastiest fowl on the menu."

"Kind of tragic, isn't it.  He never could find himself or his place in the world."

Just then, there is a break in the case.


"Sgt Farthing, Memphis Homicide."

A woman calls in stating she saw the murder.  She agrees to come in for an interview.

An hour later, the witness arrives.  Her name is Sue King.  She had come down from Ontario to attend the same writers conference as the earlier witness, Siskens. Brick and Farthing are chosen to do the interview.

"Ms. King, I'm Det. Brick and this is my partner Sgt. Farthing.  We appreciate you taking your time to come in.  As you know, we are investigating a homicide and we need you to tell us everything you saw from the beginning."

"Well, My husband, Bernie and I had spent the evening down on the waterfront.  We don't have anything quite like the river where I'm from so we walked along taking pictures. Anyway, we were heading back to the hotel when we noticed what looked like two men fighting over a stiff looking, half naked woman outside a theater..."

 She goes on to describe the other man as a kind of chunky, older white man with a short hair cut and no facial hair.  She stated the older man grabbed the shorter on by the neck and swung it around like a chicken, then smashed the head into the wall next to the sidewalk.

"I guess the hands of time stopped for him there."
She then said the man left going down the alley, dragging the woman behind him. Ms. King and her husband then went back to their hotel by taxi.  She gives them the name of cab company from the receipt in her  purse and she is allowed to leave. Brick, Farthing and Sullens are left to ponder their new lead.

"So, we are looking for an older white male.  Maybe a Chicken Hawk that got surprised? What do you think Metal?"

"Hitchcock would have loved this case. Reminds me of  The 39 Steps. Well, let's check with the Vice unit.  Maybe they have somebody that rings a bell."


This is part 4 of an ongoing series for Blogophilia, a weekly writing group currently based on Facebook.  If you have an imagination, we would like to see it.  Link to Blogophilia

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


A September day.
So long ago
Time stood still

World changed before our eyes
Violent rape of our souls
And the blaming still goes on

Who won?
No one.
Not even the ashes are left
As the fire is in their pit now
They want to give it back
In the endless struggle for power,
We all are burned.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

At the Orpheum (Blogophilia 29.6)

[Montage of the sun rising red over the Mississippi River, giving a slight glow to the bridges and the Pyramid]

A few hours later, Sullens and Brick arrive at the Orpheum Theater to meet with the manager. As they walk through the lobby towards the office, he explains that the decedant, Mr. Kaye, came into the theater for the 8:00PM show.  As he entered, other patrons began to complain about his companion's clothing falling off. What appeared to be a slender blonde woman in an orange Speedo type swimsuit was actually a blow up marital aid.  Since there were minor children attending this showing, Theater Security asked Kaye to leave.  

They follow the manager into the office to review surveillance system.  As it turned out, the cameras covering the sidewalk outside the facility had malfunctioned and there was no recording of the incident.  

Disappointed, the two Detectives began to canvass the sidewalks around the theater to catch anybody who had been in the area overnight.  

Sullens: "Pretty typical situation.  No one really wants to say anything or admit they were in the area.  Hey, Brick! Let's get back to the office before the storm hits."

Back at the office, Lt. Martian waves the two over.  "As you know, I knew Kaye very well and we had worked together a lot over the years.  I talked to the Captain and the Commander, and we all agree it is best for me to step aside for this investigation.  I went ahead and gave them my statement and I am taking off for a couple of weeks.  Good luck and please find the $^&^ that did this."

"We'll do our best."  Det. Brick hugs her boss and he leaves.

"I feel like I'm trapped in a song."  Sullens replies. "You know 'The Way We Were?'  Something about misty colored memories? "

"Oh, shut up Metal Head." 

Then, a call comes in from the Medical Examiners office.  The autopsy has been completed. The Medical Examiner states the cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head, possibly by the butt of a gun. But there is a surprise.  When the fingerprints came back, the victim was not Commander Danny Kaye. They belonged to a Ronald Duck . Sgt. Farthing looks Duck up in the database. 

Duck was originally from Los Angeles, California.   He has prior convictions of Prostitution and Identity Theft in both California and Tennessee and was released from prison just a few weeks ago. Farthing looks for next of kin, but none of the paperwork lists any contacts.    
"So, Mr. Duck.  How did you end up on Beale St not singing the blues. Or anything else?  Hey, Metal.  You think we need to let Command know?"

"Yeah, but we'll let Marvin take his vacation. I'm a little scared of that thing he keeps in his waistband. He was looking like something out of Mars Attacks. Hey, doesn't he look little like Donald Duck?"

"You got that right. I'm going to put in a call out to Disney if they can shed some light.  " Farthing nods. "Did C.S.U. find anything that looked like a blowup doll?"

"Not that I'm aware of."  Sullens replies, rubbing his bald head. "You suppose the perp took it as a trophy?"

"Maybe, but right now we need to find out where Mr. Duck was prior to coming to the Orpheum. I guess nothing happens unless we dream."

"Thanks, Mr. Disney. I'll go out to the last known address and see what I can find."

{To Be Continued}

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Saturday, September 7, 2013


This is the mausoleum
Of wealth and privilege.
Empty eyes on dusty objects
On shelves arranged to impress.
Their owners mouldering
Standing on the marble floors.
No spirit, no life
In these rich walls.
Just stuff
For the children
To throw out. 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Three Hours In (Blogophilia 28.6) Part 2 of an ongoing series.

In the Memphis murder of Commander Danny Kaye, found in a pool of blood on a Beale St. sidewalk...

Farthing and Sullens have returned to the office, leaving Lt. Martian to finish processing the murder scene and deal with the emotions of losing his former partner. The witness who called 911 is waiting in the interview room. 

[Cut to picture of Sullens emptying the dregs from the bottom of a five hour old pot of coffee]

"Mmmmm...vintage 7:30.  Just the thing to get me through the next few hours"

Sullens will be joined by Det. Marianne Brick in the interview.  Brick, a seventeen year veteran of the force, grew up in the rough part of town and is known for being a no nonsense interrogator.  

The Witness, Rutger Siskens, known on the internet as Ruggi, is a man from the Netherlands in town for a writers conference. 

"Mr. Siskens?  How are you.  I am Sgt. Sullens and this is my colleague, Det. Brick.  We need to ask you a few questions about what went on tonight. 

"Oh, not even in Amsterdam have I ever tripped over a body.  And it's funny.  I could have sworn I had see the fellow before.  But, the Red Bereted Muse said it was nothing."

Sullens looks confused.  "Muse?  When we met you, you were alone."

"Ah, yes.  She does not like attention, that one.  As soon as the spell from the beer is gone from the shock of the body, so was she.  Anyway, we had dinner and drinks with another fellow named Myke I knew from the internet and he knew I liked classic movies.  He was the one that suggested I to and see it...how did phrase it?...old style glory. I must admit, he was right. It was an enthralling evening. "

"Does Myke have a last name?"

"Oh, I am sure he does, but I don't know it.  Anyway, he lives some distance from jeer and had to be back home for a poetry reading.   I would have joined him, but my plane for home leaves today and I wasn't sure I would make it back. The muse stayed with me."

Siskens goes on to describe going to the theater for the 11:00PM show and as the crowd thinned out, he realized he had taken a wrong turn to go back to his hotel.  He was looking for the right cross street when he found the deceased. Taken aback, he called for help.

"Mr. Siskens, have you ever seen this man before?"  Det. Brick slides over a picture of Kaye. 

"My. Oh yes.  He does look familiar. He is known on the Internet as Commander K.  Sidekick of a weird man named Marvin Martian."  Sullens and Brick look up in surprise.  " They run a writing group known as Blogophilia."

Siskens describes how each week the writers get their assignments and trade their work back and forth.  All friendly with no criticism.  They ask Siskens whether he had ever met Martian or Kaye outside of the internet.  Siskens said no.  He wasn't even sure where they lived. 

The detectives finish up the interview and release Siskens to catch his plane home.  Sullens, Farthing and Brick stand at Farthing's desk stunned at the revelations.

Det. Brick breaks the silence.

"So, we know Lt. Martian knew our deceased.  Now we find he's involved in this internet group. Do we need to take it upstairs?"

Farthing answers: "Probably. If only we knew..."

RRRiiinnnnggg.... [Sullens' cellphone goes off]

"Sgt. Sullens....Really?" Sullens grabs a tablet and begins writing, going back and forth in a boustrophedon method. It is something Metal Sullens is regularly mocked about.  "Dude in funny hat was in the theatre?  And was asked to leave for what?  We'll be right down."

"That was the manager of the Orpheum.  Looks like our deceased was in the back row of the theater earlier in the evening playing 'Beach Blanket Bingo' with one of those blow up dolls you find at the Love Shack and was asked to leave.  Let's go see if there is any surveillance tape."

Link to part 1, Summertime Blues


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