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Gabrielle in the Sun (Blogophilia 28.9)

The little girl in the sun was Gabrielle, twirling the nerf sword and trash can lid shield in the grass between the cars and building. She didn’t want to be Xena. That was Sarah’s job. She had the dark hair and was older than her. The makeshift cape fluttered over her arms as she twittered.  “I’ll save you, Xena, Warrior Princess!”  The balcony door opened in Momma stuck her head out. “Gracie, go get changed and we’ll head to the pool.”  That didn’t have to be said twice. She’d been waiting all day. Dropping the props, she flew through the front door. Skidding to a stop, her yellow top sailed off and landed on the bedpost. Shucking out of her pants, the mirror caught her eye. Wonder if Momma would let her go like this? Swimming nekkid in the lake was fun. She thought a moment. No, that wouldn’t work, too many people around. But, still…  A pale face rimmed with carrot strings looked back at her. She made a sword move laughed as the imaged copied her. Looking close, she saw little bla…


Traffic notes

Porn links. Interesting.

Not going to follow them. but...

Ah, the South Koreans are back. Most of them using Russian servers....Hmmm....

Got to hand it to Great name.

Wonder what other trolls are out there?

Update 09/30/2016-Looks like my Russian friends are back. I've had an uptick on prostitution type Emails and male enhancers. Look, I get fucked enough by life. I don't need you up my ass.

Grapes of Joy (Blogophilia 27.9)

And now a word from our sponsor... Hello, My name is Christopher Mitchell and my Internet handle is Another Government Employee. I am the proprietor the blog A.G.E.’s Joint and generally a quirky individual. I’ve been a member of the group since season 2 and I’ll write about almost anything. As the name implies, I used to work for a large State Government (since mutually retired) and now split my time between Employee Benefits consulting and writing.  This has been a weird summer. It started out great. One of my hobbies is hiking, especially in urban areas, and I was racking up miles. Then my wife and I’s work schedules looked like they were going to synch up for a trip up to the mountains of North Carolina. I no sooner got the reservations made when I came down with appendicitis and spent four days hooked up to IV antibiotics, which also caused me to miss my first deadline ever (Covered in Blogophilia 16.9, Starting Over). Then, while preparing to have surgery, I had a physical where…

Highs and Lows (Blogophilia 26.9)

The roller coaster made a sharp turn. Watching her bridges burn at the point of no return after her confession scared her. Going back to Buffalo seemed certain. But Bart’s affirmation of love and faith came and it was overwhelming. Psycho and the past was gone and she felt light as a feather. Scattered lights illuminating the sweet round face, speckled with sweat and eyes twinkling like stars. Kissing the last of her makeup off, they made love in the front seat as the rain poured down outside. It could have lasted all through the night and forever.  She was home at last.  It was after midnight when they finally got home. A shower, bed and a long cuddle was the plan, but not what they got. The gasp came just as they got in the door. His knees buckled throwing all of his weight on her weak side. With a shriek of pain she managed to get to them both to the couch. She didn’t remember calling 911, just the two paramedics appearing on either side of him. Questions she couldn’t answer. The…

Two Sides (Blogophilia 25.9)

“Sanity is a madness put to good uses.” -George Santayana
Sanity and Insanity, Joy and Sorrow, Two sides of a coin. One lost without the other. But what is heads Or tails?
Didn’t fit in Something deeper? Made a supplication to Hertha so man would experience childbirth? We should be fitter Healthier More productive Slower and more calculated No chance of escape.
Air guitar solo Imitation climax Nothing accomplished Nothing gained Everything is show.
````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Topic (Insanity is)-Sallon Newlove Pic-Brian Dewald Pic Guesses-Air Guitar (in blog) solo (in blog), imitation climax (in blog), simulated, burlesque rock, CC, Do me,