Monday, June 25, 2012

Romeo (Blogophilia 18.5)

Pining for Juliet
Romeo was a schmuck
With the famous line
What Light in yonder window breaks

He was obsessed
Not knowing
One who conceals his disease
Cannot be cured.

Today they would be
The tragic couple in the Tabs
Audience wondering
If they will get picked
For Dancing With the Stars.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Exist (Blogophilia 17.5)

“Do you exist?”

The sudden burst of sound started Susan as she dusted the Xylophone. Quickly she turned and saw Bobby.  His eyes looked magnified his black glasses.  He was wearing the usual long sleeved polo buttoned up to the collar.  

“What did you say?”

“I said ‘Do you exist?’  It is a question from my Philosophy class. Something about identity.”

She really didn’t know why she even hung around Bobby. He was loud and geeky.  And he was always coming up with off the wall stuff.  Exist?  She sometimes wished she didn’t.  Kind of like today.    She had gotten stuck straightening the percussion area when Mr. Darren caught her dozing in her seat.   She hadn’t slept in two nights because of the cramps and she really was cranky.  All she wanted was to go home and cry.  

“Just go away, Bobby.  Please?”  Her head was beginning to hurt, too.

“Oh, don’t be so mean.  It was just a question.”  His eyes dropped and he turned towards the door.  Then he stopped.

“You hurting?”

“Uh, no…I mean..uh… I don’t think you’d understand.   Now let me finish what I’m doing.”

“My sister gets like this.  I usually try to avoid her when she is.”  

“Then you know why I want to avoid you.” She snapped.  “Oh, I didn’t mean it like that, but jeez I want to just die. “

“Maybe I can help?  Could I, maybe rub your shoulders or something?  I remember my Mom saying that helped sometimes.”

“I don’t know.”  Susan was pretty frustrated.  He just didn’t get that she didn’t like to be around anybody when she was like that.  But it was a nice offer.  She thought a moment.

“Oh, come here.  I promise I won’t bite your head off.”

Smiling, Bobby slipped behind her and gently pushed her down into the chair.   His grip was surprisingly firm as he worked his way up her arms.  Susan felt warmth she had never experienced as the tension in her neck released.   At least the top half of her was feeling better.   She closed her eyes and imagined it wasn’t Bobby behind her.  Just a beach with the ocean crashing in the background.  Floating along, she felt herself sigh.   A few seconds later, he tapped her shoulder.

“Wake up.  You can go home now.”   Bobby grinned.  “Did you know you snore really loud?” 

Susan gathered her things and quietly left the room. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

On The Beach

On the beach
South of 39A
The tall shaft rises in the distance
The waiting
The fire
The thunder
Apollo is off.

On the beach
The young boy watches
and dreams he was them.

Soon the image
Black sky
White surface
And a small step.

Into history.

(As a witness.  July 16, 1969)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Quiet storm

Quiet in the room
Storming in the mind
Swirling thoughts of mayhem
And depravity
Run parallel and above
Rational thought.

Shocked faces
Of the virtual victims
Cause a thrill
In the current world.

Shame in knowing
This current exists
Just on the other side
Of my eyes.

Monday, June 11, 2012

More Oldies Radio (Blogophilia 16.5)

Another morning here at Moldy WOFT.  Yeah, Harry Handy back with you with another stream from the ether.  Ether?  Isn’t that what they were serving last night at the party?  Or was that Captain Morgan? God, I miss ‘Ludes….

Sorry, a bit of brain damage nostalgia, there.  You did notice I was kidding about that Terry Jacks song, right?  That’s OK.  We have plenty of oldies here in Beelzebub’s Crypt, otherwise known as Old Farts Radio to poke your memory.  The soundtrack of your later years.  If we were the soundtrack of your parents' later years, we would only play stuff like this.

But, I digress... Kids these days.  They are all about good grades and conforming.  No partying at all in them.  Of course, with the modern day internet anything you say or do is available to be used against you at anytime.  It doesn’t even have to be a court of law.  And if it is, the judges are obligated to throw the book at them.  They are all worried about right and wrong.  They should be worried about wrong and fun.  

Yeah, I am on a government kick again. Don’t vote.  It just encourages the bastards.    You know if the Government were a product, they would be illegal.  And they are never on your side.   All they know how to do is take your money, all the time they are thinking of this fabulous song…

Yeah, I was going down the road yesterday and there was this beautiful blonde.  Hair just flowing in the breeze. Sunglasses on.She had on a terry cover-up and the straps of her flowered swimsuit came up.  I bet you she smelled like Cocoa Butter and Daytona boardwalk.  Can you image that?

 Or maybe you should dream about pirates.

Forty?  Dang, that was a long time ago.  I wonder what a 60 year old pirate looks at.  Maybe a Land Boat?   Surf and Turf?   Who knows.    Until next time…

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Your Oldies Radio (Blogophilia 15.5)

It’s a bright good morning here on WOFT, Old Fart’s Radio.  I’m Harry Handy, your randy dandy radio host.  Have you had your Metamucil today? Good.  Here, we spin songs so old, they really should be science experiments.  Moldy and goldy.

We had a programming meeting here at the station.  We call them “Come to Jesus” meetings because our Station Manager sounds like Jimmy Swaggart in a motel room with a stripper.  All fire and brimstone.   But, I digress.  The meeting really was about adding more energy here at the Old Fart, because our ratings are lousy except for the over 50 demographic.  But that fits.  The Colonoscopy Contingent.  You and me and everyone else that still uses this outdated technology called terrestrial radio.  

Speaking of fire, here is song about that very subject….

…And that was, of course, the Little Bastard himself…

Every now and then, we get calls.  Yes, real land line telephone calls, from listeners out there wanting us to play them a memory.  They aren’t really sure how it goes.  Oh, you know the rest.  After all, we are the Old Farts.  There isn’t enough Ginko in the world that can reverse it.   It is all in propinquity with getting older.
And like most Farts, we have risen from the fire on more one occasion.  Which leads us into the next song. 

They talking about what?  The Judgment Day in the year 9595?  Oh, we aren’t going anywhere any time soon.  You see, they didn’t tell you.  Ratings don't matter and we are never getting cancelled.  We have already passed over to the next world.  We are the Phoenix rising, but we can’t fly anywhere.  Because there is nowhere to fly to.  Anyway, your punishment has been decided and the boss want this bellweather on continuous loop for the next 1000 years.  So, relax and enjoy.  Or not.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Orly, 1962

The taxi pulls up to the curb.
The couple exits with their bags packed.
He hails the skycap to handle the bags.

Scarlet jacket over maroon wool slacks
And a two carat diamond,
She is the picture
Of the good life.

The trip was planned for years
Every detail looked after
All their lives they worked
All of the trappings to see.

Moon River is playing
As they meet the group
For the flight home.

The Louvre and Versailles
The side trip to Bordeaux,
Drinking and laughing
With friends.

He's is staying behind.
But he sees his wife to the plane
And goes to his 10AM meeting.

As he reaches the taxi stand,
There is a commotion in the building.
A plane has gone down.
He stops and wonders...
....Is it?
....Could it be?

He reenters the terminal.
Knowing life has irreversibly changed.