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Opposite Ends (Blobophilia 32.9)

On opposite ends 
Apple, not pear 
Sheep, not bull 
Wait their fate. 

 They look 
Exchange words 
Emotion is contagious 
They head toward the door 

Her car, faster 
His gun, bigger
Hot night 
Shearing each other 
They meet.

Ram finding 
Apples taste sweet 
Apple finding 
It’s good to be ewe
In a pasture Of your own making. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Topic- Dave Coon Pic-Nina Nixon Pic Guesses-Little Princess, Oasis, Mirage, Repose, Alien, Body Snatcher, Desert Dream, Earrings against skin so brown, Peaceful easy feeling.

Harvest Moon (Blogophilia 31.9)

Up is down Right is left In a world apart.
Rules for the flock Not the Shepherd Aren’t what Thou art.
I was kicking around various story ideas for this week and nothing really fit the topic, Full Moon Madness. I sketched out a Harry Handy bit. It didn’t quite work right. Then I looked at Devil’s Quill and how L.J. Beezelbub bamboozles with rules that apply to most people, but not the elite. No. That one didn’t work either. I even thought about bringing Jeremy from “The Bomb” back, now a homeless wreck on the street.  Still didn’t feel right.  But real life came through in the end. We had fatal encounters where Officer Itchy overrode his discipline with the all too common results. There was the terrorist with only half of Jeremy’s smarts building bombs traceable to his home. The Presidential Election quirks with Mrs. Clinton’s health. Locally, we had a well known writer and TV personality let loose a well deserved, no-holds barred barrage of vitriol against her former long term business pa…




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Pamela Anderson Naked with Colin Firth

Traffic Report (Blogophilia 30.9)

Riding down the highway in the dark of night, the traffic report comes on the radio. We have a red alert situation, a three car rollover on 400 southbound north of the river. Traffic is backed up to the mall... You smile because you are safely in your car in another part of town, happy that you aren’t stuck in that mess. Then... BAM!! A large plume of smoke comes from the hood of your Large Automobile. Puck has decided your smug nose needed to be tweaked. Not really a problem. You call your beautiful wife at your beautiful house to see if she had done something to the car earlier. There is no answer. She is in another part of the world, on business.  The next report comes on. Now we have a stalled car on Clairmont at the end of the I-85 exit ramp. Traffic is backing up to North Druid Hills... Same as it ever was....Same as it ever was....Only you are now the traffic report. Road Side Assistance tells you it will be about 45 minutes before they can get there. Surly drivers suggest you s…

Harry's Talented Tongue (Blogophilia 28.9)

Hey, Heidy and Howdy. I'm back for another round of randy dandy DJ's silliness here on WOFT, Old Fart's Radio. My name is Harry Handy (as if you didn't know that), twisting tongues and pleasing least until my ex-wife found out. This is sort of how I became a rambling man.

Yes, ladies and gents, I was that guy Harry Chapin talked about in his song, trolling the clubs after hours, trying to play kickball with the girls. (And there are no ugly girls)

I'd wouldn't let them kick my balls, though. Well, the ex found out and kicked them anyway.

During all this, I found out I was quite illiterate. But I read a lot of legal mumbo jumbo. Things about child support and cost of the court. Oh, I'll admit Ol' Harry deserved his spanking, but he wished it was in any room but a courtroom. I would have been such a good boy....(A walk!. I wanna go for a walk!)

When it was all over, I needed extra bread to cover her place AND mine. A friend of mine over at Chan…