Thursday, September 22, 2016

Harvest Moon (Blogophilia 31.9)

Up is down
Right is left
In a world apart.

Rules for the flock
Not the Shepherd
Aren’t what Thou art.

I was kicking around various story ideas for this week and nothing really fit the topic, Full Moon Madness. I sketched out a Harry Handy bit. It didn’t quite work right. Then I looked at Devil’s Quill and how L.J. Beezelbub bamboozles with rules that apply to most people, but not the elite. No. That one didn’t work either. I even thought about bringing Jeremy from “The Bomb” back, now a homeless wreck on the street. 
Still didn’t feel right. 
But real life came through in the end. We had fatal encounters where Officer Itchy overrode his discipline with the all too common results. There was the terrorist with only half of Jeremy’s smarts building bombs traceable to his home. The Presidential Election quirks with Mrs. Clinton’s health. Locally, we had a well known writer and TV personality let loose a well deserved, no-holds barred barrage of vitriol against her former long term business partner. The Rise and Fall of Sister Louisa
And the winning Powerball ticket worth $246 Million was sold at my local Publix, making that shopping trip a pleasure. 
Obviously, since I’m posting I wasn’t the winner. It would have been hard to buy ticket coming out of anesthesia, really. While all this was going on, I finally had my appendectomy. It is Wednesday and my back is giving me more problems than the three poke holes used to fish out the offending bit of flesh. Such is the miracle of modern medical technology. Throw me on the lift, use a computer controlled version of an air wrench, and zzzziiippp....all done. I wasn’t even under long enough to dream of a bucolic church with an overgrown cemetery behind it. I promise never to complain about being a piece of medical inventory again.
Now that I am back to (sort of) form, I have to pick up the pace on the craziness. I found a replacement vehicle for the Kia that ate its engine, a 2010 Mazda Tribute that came in just a bit over budget. I’m happy about that. Had another recruiter call about a contract (way too early to tell where that will go). Figured out the Indianapolis job went elsewhere (Which is fine by me. I wasn’t interested in moving). 
So while the kaleidoscope world spins a bit faster, I’ll keep on this path. You want to live? You take chances. 
Topic-Dave Coon
Pic guesses: Church (in blog), overgrown cemetery (in blog), rest, final exit, eternal garden, reach for the stars, shining down,

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