Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Traffic Report (Blogophilia 30.9)

Riding down the highway in the dark of night, the traffic report comes on the radio.
We have a red alert situation, a three car rollover on 400 southbound north of the river. Traffic is backed up to the mall...
You smile because you are safely in your car in another part of town, happy that you aren’t stuck in that mess. Then...
A large plume of smoke comes from the hood of your Large Automobile. Puck has decided your smug nose needed to be tweaked. Not really a problem. You call your beautiful wife at your beautiful house to see if she had done something to the car earlier. There is no answer. She is in another part of the world, on business. 
The next report comes on.
Now we have a stalled car on Clairmont at the end of the I-85 exit ramp. Traffic is backing up to North Druid Hills...
Same as it ever was....Same as it ever was....Only you are now the traffic report.
Road Side Assistance tells you it will be about 45 minutes before they can get there. Surly drivers suggest you shoot the old horse, or worse, as the lanterns stack up the hill toward the bridge. Traffic breaks long enough to push the metal hulk onto a raised curb.The lights change from yellow to red as the passing drivers all give you the finger. Safely back in the car, you aren’t sure where to go.
There is a tap at the window and a older pot smelling lady in a flowered VW bus asks if you need a ride. Roadside magic and you gladly hop in, leaving a note for the tow truck whenever it finally gets there. 
What you don’t realize is the woman is Kari Summers...Death Angel.

Topic (Dark of the Night)-Dahlia Ramone
Pic Guesses- Lantern (in blog), Death Angel (in blog) Magic (in blog) Black satin, Lighting the way, in the grove, Night love.


  1. Death Angels should be required to state their intentions on the front end.

    Sorry about your car...