Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Sexy Posts (Blogophilia 36.9)

“I just had the best night of my life! Alert the media! He was loving and caring and I’m still dragging!!”
Yeah, you’ve seen those posts, either on a Tweet. (Or a text where the Butt mis-dialed by one line and your spouse asks “Who is Sheila?” “Girl at work. She told me she had a date.”) People celebrating new found lust. (Can’t call it love yet. That takes more time.) The moans and coos are almost audible. Some of them are explicit enough to make you spit out your morning coffee. You hope they at least got a room. 
You are happy for the person, but kind of embarrassed at the same time. You wonder if they are going put up pictures of the event. (Oh, please don’t. I don’t need to see your Kangaroo tied down, Sport.) It is a vicarious thrill in an otherwise boring day. 
Of course, there is a bit of jealousy. Why can’t it be you in the fantasy world where dancing on love’s threshing floor has no consequences. To have a moment where nothing matters but your partner that lasts for what seems like forever. Life doesn’t work that way. All actions have reactions, whether it is a child, an angry other partner, or just disappointment it is all over. 
But you still have the memories.
Pic-Dahlia Ramone.
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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Harry's Black Rain (Blogophilia 35.9)

Hey, heidy and howdy. It's your old moldy oldies maven Harry Handy back on the air here at WOFT. Old Farts radio for all you old teenagers. It's a pretty Sunday morning here in radio land, but all of the media keeps talking about this Climate Change stuff. We need to limit plastic! Stop burning fossil fuels! It's all going be black rain because we keep using up the earth.

It's funny all these people that keep talking about this look like the hippies were were back in the 1960's. Maybe Jimmy Buffett was right..

If so, then Willie Nelson was on to something, especially if we look at our Presidential choices.

Or maybe Johnny Cash

Or even Gregg Allman

In the end, we will need Jerry Lee Lewis said what's going to happen to us in the end.

Not a pretty sight. Makes me glad I am in my Geritol years and may not have to watch it all come down in flames.  But that also means, I won't see it rise again like the Phoenix the Earth truly is.

At least hope that.


Topic-Diana Jillian

Pic-Samantha Trace

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Bread (Blogophilia 34.9)

Dancing slowly around the counter
Sinatra on the oldies station
What music they make.
Apron swaying
To a Parisian dream.

Teaspoon off the rack
Spices sprinkled in flour.   
Beads as liquid joins. 
Dough ball forms slowly. 

Familiar thrill begins 
Love rises, falls.    
Hands quickly knead
Searching the dragon’s face
When love is not madness,
It is not love.

Spirit attracted
To the scent.
To her 
She is the bread 
Intertwined loaves in the oven
Only in the next life,
She knows.  

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Monday, October 3, 2016

Monday (Blogophilia 33.9)

It's not nice to fool mother nature.

If you are old like me, you remember the Chiffon margarine commercial. Mother Nature is traipsing through the woods and is approached with a tub of something she thinks is butter. Every time she was sold a bill of goods. The product was supposedly so good it would even fool her. All the commercials ended with her coming unglued at the shattering illusion. She would snap her fingers after saying the above statement, summoning thunder, with elephants or tigers chasing the camera.
It was a cute bit. Did everything a good ad should. The catch phrase entered the lexicon, even though the product isn't widely available anymore. But like all marketing and advertising, it was based on a lie: Buy our product and improve your life. 
Being lied to is never a fun thing. You expect one thing and get another. It happens constantly. It is why we are so cynical these days. Nothing is as it seems. Photoshopped, autotuned and manipulated, entertainers are everywhere playing their dog and pony shows, screaming for attention. Nature is co-opted and life is cheapened (at least more than it has been in the past). Nothing is real. And we still buy it.
Then there are the stories of fair maidens meeting studly hands and playing hours long bedroom tennis matches ending in Love-Love, with no consequences. The women are slender and blonde and the men are curly and cut. It's a trope members of our own Blogophilia corps earn actual money from. And more power to them. It is better than slaving over spreadsheets in a cubicle. 
But in real life, we are lucky when passing the peace pipe with our partners lasts two minutes. Wham, bam, Thank you, Ma'am. We are pudgy and balding. We spend time purchasing this cream or that tonic in the hopes we can fool each other one more time, when it would be better to take everyone as they are.
Why do we keep running in this circle? 
Probably because, in our fantasy world, we want to be the image...or the actual manipulators. That is the carrot dangled in front of us. To have people dance to our whims and serve our pleasures. And we silently snicker and cheer when a star is devoured by the human adoration, sparkle by sparkle. They are proven to be human, and so are we with the base cheering of their falls. Admit it. You do this.
The manipulators know this and keep pitching us the image of the unattainable. And we keep buying it, hoping Mother Nature is fooled...again.
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