Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Sexy Posts (Blogophilia 36.9)

“I just had the best night of my life! Alert the media! He was loving and caring and I’m still dragging!!”
Yeah, you’ve seen those posts, either on a Tweet. (Or a text where the Butt mis-dialed by one line and your spouse asks “Who is Sheila?” “Girl at work. She told me she had a date.”) People celebrating new found lust. (Can’t call it love yet. That takes more time.) The moans and coos are almost audible. Some of them are explicit enough to make you spit out your morning coffee. You hope they at least got a room. 
You are happy for the person, but kind of embarrassed at the same time. You wonder if they are going put up pictures of the event. (Oh, please don’t. I don’t need to see your Kangaroo tied down, Sport.) It is a vicarious thrill in an otherwise boring day. 
Of course, there is a bit of jealousy. Why can’t it be you in the fantasy world where dancing on love’s threshing floor has no consequences. To have a moment where nothing matters but your partner that lasts for what seems like forever. Life doesn’t work that way. All actions have reactions, whether it is a child, an angry other partner, or just disappointment it is all over. 
But you still have the memories.
Pic-Dahlia Ramone.
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  1. The good thing about such memories is, they can, over time, be modified to fit a preferred narrative. The bad thing is, such memories tend to get modified to fit an acceptable narrative, to obtain closure.

    These things never end well, do they?