Thursday, January 28, 2016


She's gone again
Demons at her back
Disguised as angels
Or the opposite

Away or towards something
No one can fathom

In panic, unable to grasp
The rings thrown

Sounds too loud
Too soft to comprehend
The end.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I Am the Night (Blogophilia 49.8)

Approach the pit
Rhythmic heart beats
Vacuumed into a pulsing mass
Red blood cell in a sea of white
Floating upwards and outwards
Early fires of morning
Lapping human trees
Arms flailing to an invisible wind
You want it all
And all of it is yours
Granted without strings
For I am the night
* Lyric-”You want it all, and all of it is yours.”-”Get A Room”
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Friday, January 15, 2016


I live in Atlanta. Kroger has been part of this community for many, many years.

But some stores are better known than the others.

Here is a definitive list....Atlanta Krogers

Well, one of them is about to fall to the wayside.

The Murder Kroger (so named because there have been three deaths in their parking lot) is being replaced by a brutalist twelve story glass structure. Oh, they are going to put new small format Kroger in the lobby, but it won't be the same without the shooting gallery parking lot.

Paradise must be paved.


It's official.

Death of Murder Kroger

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Circus is Back in Town (Blogophilia 47.8)

My name is Another Government Employee and I’m a politics addict.
Not really, but I spent 25 years of my life in bureaucratic drudgery keeping various social services running. As part of my job and a survival technique, I paid close attention to the circus that is the State Legislature as they convened every year. A motley crew of moral trapeze artists and clowns they are, too. My co-workers and I would hold contests for the most asinine bills and made book on whether they would pass. Most of them wouldn’t, but spring wouldn’t be complete if there wasn’t a pitch for the Official State Turtle or Squirrel.
Of course, there would also be tracking of bills directly affecting my employer and our budget. Anything thing that smacked of entitlement was fought over like a ham bone in a dog kennel. If something really nasty got proposed, I would be tasked with doing the worst case scenario projections and hope the bill would die in Committee (more than half the time, it did.)
If you want to see truth whitewashed to oblivion, a legislative committee is the place to go. There are picayune points and pointy metaphorical knives, each trading places with the other. The inner city reps raise the image of Martin Luther King in vain for votes, while the rurals stick to the old St. Andrews Cross. Then you have the lobbyists wining and dining the aides to get the language tailored for their benefit. Of course, this being the South, no Kennedy is ever mentioned.
For that matter, neither is Jimmy Carter.
So, they had the annual “Wild Hog Supper” Monday and we get to start this whole mess over again. While I happily laugh and hope they won’t go after my pension.
Pic guesses: Hawk Girl, Super hero, Superwoman, warrior, Viking, Death, conqueror.


Just because I can, let me edit this with a well written Creative Loafing article detailing some of the idiocy.

Stop Laughing at the Legislature

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Haven (Blogophilia 46.8)

Alone I sit

Fire crackling in the corner,

In my haven of snow.

Sentient being, aware of the world.

The world is confusing,

always turning

The kaleidoscope of fear.

Of anger.

Hasn’t it always been this way?




Pawns on the sidelines watching as the game runs.

Used to joke about it.

Gallows humor designed to shield

scared from scary people.

Even the humor is under attack.

Micro-agressions and false privilege alleged.

Witnesses are silent.

Caged, not converted.

So, to this interior

I run,

Staring in to my tea,

Taking flight to a land where

Peace reigns.

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