Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I Am the Night (Blogophilia 49.8)

Approach the pit
Rhythmic heart beats
Vacuumed into a pulsing mass
Red blood cell in a sea of white
Floating upwards and outwards
Early fires of morning
Lapping human trees
Arms flailing to an invisible wind
You want it all
And all of it is yours
Granted without strings
For I am the night
* Lyric-”You want it all, and all of it is yours.”-”Get A Room”
Pic guesses-Human Trees (in blog), flailing (in blog), Invisible wind (in blog), planted child,


  1. These lyrics would make the best screamo song of the year.

    I can't say anything nicer than that. I love it.

    1. Said with a voice run through a modulator (Daft Punk style). Could be the the next Dubstep sensation.