Thursday, January 7, 2016

Haven (Blogophilia 46.8)

Alone I sit

Fire crackling in the corner,

In my haven of snow.

Sentient being, aware of the world.

The world is confusing,

always turning

The kaleidoscope of fear.

Of anger.

Hasn’t it always been this way?




Pawns on the sidelines watching as the game runs.

Used to joke about it.

Gallows humor designed to shield

scared from scary people.

Even the humor is under attack.

Micro-agressions and false privilege alleged.

Witnesses are silent.

Caged, not converted.

So, to this interior

I run,

Staring in to my tea,

Taking flight to a land where

Peace reigns.

Pic Guesses-Caged (in blog), taking flight (in blog), garden, impressive ink, ink, flowers, escaping

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