Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Bread (Blogophilia 34.9)

Dancing slowly around the counter
Sinatra on the oldies station
What music they make.
Apron swaying
To a Parisian dream.

Teaspoon off the rack
Spices sprinkled in flour.   
Beads as liquid joins. 
Dough ball forms slowly. 

Familiar thrill begins 
Love rises, falls.    
Hands quickly knead
Searching the dragon’s face
When love is not madness,
It is not love.

Spirit attracted
To the scent.
To her 
She is the bread 
Intertwined loaves in the oven
Only in the next life,
She knows.  

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Middle Earth, Knights of old, Tequila dreams, 4 and 20 years ago,


  1. This is an adorable poem, Christopher... I really enjoyed readying.

    1. Thank you. I was hunting around and found this story fragment that never went anywhere. But it had the flow I was looking for. And since La Boheme takes place in Paris, it worked.