Friday, June 1, 2012

Orly, 1962

The taxi pulls up to the curb.
The couple exits with their bags packed.
He hails the skycap to handle the bags.

Scarlet jacket over maroon wool slacks
And a two carat diamond,
She is the picture
Of the good life.

The trip was planned for years
Every detail looked after
All their lives they worked
All of the trappings to see.

Moon River is playing
As they meet the group
For the flight home.

The Louvre and Versailles
The side trip to Bordeaux,
Drinking and laughing
With friends.

He's is staying behind.
But he sees his wife to the plane
And goes to his 10AM meeting.

As he reaches the taxi stand,
There is a commotion in the building.
A plane has gone down.
He stops and wonders...
....Is it?
....Could it be?

He reenters the terminal.
Knowing life has irreversibly changed.


  1. Have you posted this before? it looks familiar. Still good just deja vu perhaps

  2. The first version was done as a Blogophilia post a couple of years ago. The couple depicted were neighbors of ours when I was little. I revised and republished because this past weekend was the 50th anniversary of the crash.

  3. well it must be good - stuck in my mind and usually I need duct tape to make anything stick