Tuesday, September 24, 2013

At the Pyramid (Blogophilia 31.6, Part 4 of the 1st 48 parody)

Thirty Six hours into the 1st 48, Sgts. Farthing and Sullens are no closer to closing the homicide case of Ronald Duck, found in a heap on Beale St.

Sullens puts in a call to Lt. Slezak, head of the Vice squad, asking if he was aware of anyone fitting the description of the suspect. They do a check in the records and come up with a couple of possible suspects.  One of them goes by the street name Age.  He's known to spend time in blues clubs and in the casinos down in Mississippi. Sullens looks him up in the database.

Christopher Mitchell, also known as A.G.E. is a former government employee with prior misdemeanor convictions for shoplifting adult toys and solicitation.  Originally from Georgia, he has been in the Memphis are for the last several years, drifting in and out of homelessness.   Slezak provides Sullens with the last known address. 

"There's the Big Bad Wolf. Hmmm.....Active warrants for Lewd Behavior.  Oh, he drives a taxi.  Excellent.  I guess we can pick him up."

He calls down to patrol with a BOLO on Mitchell to bring him in for questioning.

Meanwhile, Farthing and Brick attend a memorial service for Ronald Duck, hoping to find someone with information. It was typical fast food service and they were the only ones in attendance. 

Det. Brick approaches the coffin: "The music stopped for him, didn't it?"

Farthing shakes her graying head. "All for finding that sweet emotion."

"With a rag doll." Brick snorts.  "Or a rubber one."

They turn away and start towards the entrance to the funeral home.  Brick reaches into her purse for her keys. 

"Guess he didn't realize the Devil's got a new disguise."

"He thought she was a woman of the world, but didn't walk that way.  He wasn't exactly drop dead gorgeous."

"Oh, come on. Why don't you just say they tried to have love in an elevator and let it go."

Back at the office, Sullens updates the other two detectives on the suspect, Mitchell. 

Farthing looks at the picture.  "Looks like Basil Fawlty a bit, don't you think?"

"Who the heck is that?" Brick answers.

"Oh, character on this show, Fawly Towers,  that comes PBS on Saturday.  It's British.  You wouldn't understand."

"Guess not.  The give me a headache the way they talk." The ladies at my church talk about this Downton Abbey thing.  All it sounds like is a bunch of rich people acting the fool and getting away with it."

"Pretty good description of that."  Sullens replies.  "My girlfriend likes it.  I'd rather drink."

Rrrriinnng [Sullens picks up the phone]

"You got him?  Good.  Bring him on up."[hangs up]

"They just picked up Mitchell at the Pyramid, hustling spectators for money.  So, now we'll hear what he has to say."


This is part 4 of an ongoing series for Blogohphilia, a Facebook based writing group. 

Our Prompts this week were:

When the music stopped
Grimm fairytale character (Big Bad Wolf)
British TV show (Fawlty Towers and Downton Abbey)

The previous installments are:

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  1. oh WOW me first!!

    Love the names of your characters. Do you put a lot of thought into it or it just oozes out on the keyboard? I didn’t care for Downton Abbey either, much preferred the original Upstairs Downstairs

    Oh goody. Next week you get to interview yourself lol

    Ya know what I thought when I saw Pyramid...

    1. Yep. You are first.

      Like most parodies, the names are plays on the real people in the show except for Penny Farthing.

      Yeah. Next week is going to be interesting. Not quite sure how that is going to go. I've got to tap my inner pervert to make it work.

  2. Oh, well! Oh, well! This certainly has taken a 180 degree turn!! I would have never suspected A.G.E.!!! Good job!! Write on!!! 8 unsuspecting points, Earthling!! :D

    --Marvin Martin

  3. Mitchell will provide you answers, if you're lucky... haha
    (Okay, I paraphrased a line from 'Fawlty Towers' there.)
    Anyone who is successful at panhandling on the grounds of The Pyramid is a go-getter, and one who should not be trifled with. I suspect the suspect is innocent.

  4. Okay I signed in this time to comment!
    Very interesting! Kind of suspenseful and kind of humorous! Now, how will this Mr. Mitchell (From Dennis the Menace?) Respond to the questioning. Being an ex government employee I am sure he is use to all kinds of pressure questioning by both ex managers and people he was trying to assist. I am looking forward to the next segment!

  5. Okay, now we're getting down to it. which is good because the clock is ticking.



  6. Very enjoyable read indeed .. lol

  7. The plot thickens....


  8. Wonderful storytelling. Always so very creative. Barb K

  9. Hehehe..... this continuation is too good to be true. I'm snickering reading it and that picture of Ronald Duck in the McNugget casket is priceless!!! Keep on keepin' on with this.....

  10. Ronald McDonald...hmmm.seems like a "fitting end"...casket and all. But Basil Fawlty...I love that guy...one of John Cleese's best roles ....makes me laugh so hard ...hmmm...I have to visit the ...ummm....facilities :-) Love this continuation...keep 'em coming! DEMME