Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Trouble at The Big Dog Garage (Blogophilia 22.10)

It is a rainy morning at the Big Dog Garage. Jay is at his desk in the shop, looking troubled. Revenue is down and hard decisions are being made...
"Oh, yeah. Oldsmobile Toranado. Roll on in here."
"You need to do something about that suspension. Anyway, the reason I called you here is I've run into a little bit of a money problem and it is causing me to look at my cars."
"YouTube channel ratings are down and CNBC might be dropping us. Times change, you know. It sucks. Mavis and I, we're aren’t getting any younger and I lost one of the mechanics last year. All of us the garage sat down and we had a long discussion over you guys."
[Water begins to leak from the washer]
"You figured it out, huh? It isn't that you haven't been a fun ride over the years. You're comfortable and stylish and you love the night life. We had a blast when we first finished you. you, running hard over the hills in Malibu. Then you had that trouble in town...
You’re keeping your demons down with that big assed engine we put in. Antics like that don’t project the image Big Dog Garage needs right now. As much as I hate it, we are laying you off." 
[Water is now flowing freely across the windshield]
"Paul! Can you bring a squeegee?"
[A detailing crew cleans up the mess]
"Don't be afraid. Our fate can't be taken from us. Anyway, A flatbed will be coming in about an hour. Put your manuals in the trunk and be ready for it."
"Look, I know you're upset. Maybe if I throw in a case of beer?"
"Wait... Don't take this so..."

"At least one is dead and multiple cars destroyed are in a freak accident at the Big Dog Garage in Burbank today. KTLA 5 is on the scene gathering details and we'll have full report at 11."

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