Tuesday, July 4, 2017

We're on the Soul Train (Blogophilia 20.10)

Hey, Heidy and Howdy! Harry Handy, is back on the air! So, how are you, Geritol Generation? Get that iron up, cause we're going to get down here at The Fart. I'm channeling Don Cornelius this week and giving proper respect to those artists rocking our world.

That's right we are discovering the soul of SOUL. Put the daisy chains and hibiscus in your hair (the purple offsets the gray wonderfully), and enjoy the ride.

I can say without a doubt, if it hadn't been for that music, I'd never be on the radio. Most kids my age listened to the ball games. I listened to the likes of Alley Pat and Night Train Lane. And the music they played! I got caught with the earphone through my shirt because I kept dancing in my seat. And I watch Soul Train over American Bandstand because Don was cool and Dick was not. Since I could play or sing, I played the ones who could and the rest is history.

You can't start a show like this without going to the deepest roots of the music.

Ms. Holiday is not normally thought of as a Soul Singer. But most top notch artists borrowed heavily from her style. The world was always on fire and she was going to go up with the flames. You want to join her in that cocktail and hope things would get better (which they usually wouldn't)

It wasn't long before others picked up the mantle (and wore it).

And shout about it.

The Summer of Love kept the party rolling, expanding the sound all over the world. 

Hit after another hit, we kept listen (and hopefully, learning)

In the 1970's, the songs evolved, but they were still about chasing (and winning) the ladies...

I wonder how many children were conceived to that?

Some took it in a different direction:

The influence began seep over into mainstream music

And so on. Even today, in the homogenized world of mainstream music, Soul still is sampled as an ingredient in your daily recommended dose of sound.

But it isn't the same as the real thing...

For our sponsors Geritol and Ben Gay, this is Harry Handy signing off.


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  1. I always enjoy it when Harry pays a visit. Certainly some great songs and great memories.

  2. the kings and queens of soul music, wonderful links

  3. 8 points Earthling!

    Homogenized soul...yes many artist did tap into that music but I think the group that really felt what they were singing were these guys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v83UX1AY8Gs

    1. Nice choice. They did have a unique sound. Oh, and thanks for the points.

  4. Well done! You covered quite a bit with this blogo.


  5. Well that was a treat!! I loved strolling down SOUL lane with you Harry Handy! :) ~Christine W.

  6. Lots of memories here. Thanks so much for sharing them.

  7. I'm sad to say that all "Soul Train" meant to me was the end of Saturday morning cartoons. Time to get the sugar cereal. Now I'll have to look some up.

  8. Even the Ramones felt a little bit o' soul now and then


  9. Harry always makes me smile!

    Good write

  10. Certainly brings back lots of memories. I love this!

  11. I absolutely love Billie Holiday. I have everything she ever recorded

    1. Fascinating vocalist, both in style and music choice.