Monday, April 18, 2016

Demos (Blogophilia 9.9)

For extra money, my wife does product demonstrations on the side. You’ve seen these (mostly older) women behind their collapsible stands handing out tiny portions of products hoping to entice into their spider web so you will buy. Once in a while, a product is either so good or so bad they stick in the mind long after the event is over.
This past weekend was one of those events. It involved this nutrition bar:

It is another entry in the gold mine that is the nutritional bar segment. Soy and gluten free, it has no grain binders at all. Just the above listed ingredients, plus flavorings. Good if you have gluten issues. Bad if you have nut issues. It comes in three flavors: Blueberry, Chocolate Sea Salt and Coconut Chocolate. 
It is the last flavor that is memorable in its own way, or the lack of flavor thereof. Mind you, the other two flavors are quite good. In fact, I just finished one the above Blueberry ones as a snack. But when I ate the Coconut bar last night, one of my older fillings ended up as collateral damage. The texture of the bar was close to dense rubber. When I went to bite down, a piece nut jammed into the edge of the tooth. It felt like the dentist was drilling without Novocaine. But with a little ice, I was able to rest comfortably.
It is available online and at Publix stores across the south.
Topic: I agree with Tyler, this has Dave Coon written all over it. (It sounds like he needs some positive thoughts)
Pic: Dahlia Ramone
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  1. I think I will pass on this product, but thanks anyway.

  2. Oh, it isn't that bad. Good energy after a workout. Just have to be careful with the aging teeth.