Thursday, April 28, 2016

Richard Nixon's new job.

In a lush executive suite in Arlington VA

"So, Dick, you are telling me the sabotage plan for the election is almost complete?"

"That is right, Sir. We sent our best people to populate both sides."

"This...Hilary...I know her husband served us well, but frankly I have never had much luck with women in power."

"Don't worry, Mr. Beezelbub, she'll make my record look statesman-like before we are done."

"I  hope so.You were so bad, you gave Devil's Quill a good reputation."

"I'll take that as a compliment, Sir."

"Now, the others. It looks like the old Jew's run out of gas."

"Yeah, but he did make for a good distraction with all the old Marx stuff."

"Now, on the other side, it looks like you have two of our best cancelling each other out. Why was that?"

"Smoke and mirrors, Sir. The whole scheme is based on the flock being divided into multiple camps. It was part of the contract with Maker. They don't like solidarity. They consider it to be a threat."

"Ah...I understand. But I don't like my name being taken in vain just as much as Maker doesn't. Cruz is me in the flesh?"

"Marketing, Sir. The flock requires higher and higher levels of hyperbole to get the same effect."

"Well, I'll give you good marks for confusion, Dick. You are one of the best at the trick game."

"Thank you, Sir."


  1. You tickled politics to a new high

    1. Mr. Beezlebub has always had his hand in the process, of course. It has long been a money maker.

  2. OMG.... You hit the nail on the head with this one. It's pretty amazing that you wrote this a few months ago, your vision is quite accurate. This has been one long nightmare of an election, and is getting worse as each second ticks by.... sickening and downright frightening!

    1. Both sides are the same coin. I spotted that about 18 months ago. Overall, HRC would do less damage. But neither one is worthy of the job.