Sunday, June 12, 2016


A horrible night.
A horrible weekend.
Anger and powerlessness lashing out
Against the even more powerless.

The bleating starts.
They had it coming!
Truly they are sinners!
The wages of sin are death!
But death indeed comes to us all.

There is nothing to say
No one will learn
No one will hear
All that can be done
Is offer succor for the grief
And prayers to the violators
Knowing their hearts are not changed.


  1. Spoken strongly with an obvious tear in your eye for mankind

    1. We truly are bent on our own Apocalypse. Every time we do this cycle, we get closer and closer.

  2. Of all that I read about this, yours may be the only time I respond. You have things in perspective where perspective as we know it, does not appear to exist.

  3. A weekend I certainly wish with all my heart we could start over and change. All I did this weekend was cry.