Friday, June 24, 2016

Nixon's Next Project

In the Devil's Quill executive conference room in Arlington VA, Richard Nixon and the top operations directors are having their weekly status meeting.

Richard Nixon: "O.K., folks. Let's settle down and get to business. Marty, can you give us a status report on the new employee recruiting process?

Marty Mammon: "Certainly. Things are better than expected. This new internet tool has been instrumental in capturing even the hardest cases. We've reduced Maker's intake load by 30%, while increasing our call centers capacity by an almost like amount."

Nixon: "Excellent. Beezlebub said you were the best at building tests."

Mammon: "Been at it a long time, Sir. One thing I have always taken to heart was something an old guy told me. 'It ain't over until it's over'"

Nixon: "Ah, Yogi..."

Mammon: "No, Sir. Berra stole that from one of my earliest projects, Job. I thought that guy would never quit. Maker ended up blinking first."

Nixon: "Yeah, I remember that story. It took you guys, what? Twenty years or so?"

Mammon: "About that."

Nixon: "Well, rumor is Maker has another project in the works. The code name is 144K and it is going to take all of your testing skills to meet his specs. You think you're up to that?"

Mammon: "He's restarting that? You were on the other side the last time it was active. We had to stop half way through because we couldn't handle the flow. Having three or four big demons going at once broke the sorter and we still didn't even get any of those desert guys Maker wanted. Of course, the aftermath let you float to the top."

Nixon: "Yeah, the Commie scare played to my strength. Anyway, I've started the preliminaries by getting the lying machine operative with ISIS 2.0 and Brexit. Wrath is handling the physical scare tactics. Very effectively, I might add."

Wrath nods his head, spreading smoke across the table. There is a brief pause while everyone's coughing subsides.

Nixon: "You really need to get that under control, man.We aren't down in the pits."

"Mammon, what we need from you is simple. If anyone falls for any of it, they fail. Maker wants only the ones that can see all the way through the game."

Mammon: "Oh, I have several scripts ready to go. Clarity of vision is the basis of all the QA we do. Anyway, I'll get right on it. Should I let intake know what's coming?"

Nixon: "Mr. Beelzebub would appreciate that, yes. We're done. Keep me posted."

Mammom: "Of course."