Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Go for the Gusto (GBE 92)

"Go for the gusto."

If you don't remember that Schlitz commercial, well you can get off my lawn. 

For you younger types, the pieces showed manly men going out and doing manly things, and then getting together with their manly friends to drink manly beer.  Of course, the implication was you couldn't enjoy those manly things without the manly beer.  So, go out and buy a case today!

Most advertisements work like that.  A psychological message that you can't enjoy your day without this drink, or that shirt or those shoes.  And there is no helping you if you don't smell like leather or flowers.  You will just be a ugly, soulless schmuck with no hope for attracting the opposite sex (or the same sex, if that is what you prefer).  And you need the slick car to cart it all around. 

But do we really need all this stuff?  No.  When it is all over and out bodies get disposed of (by whatever method seems best to you), all this crap stays behind.  Enjoy those around you.  It is the memories that last. 

Breathe.  It is all we are designed to do. 


  1. I remember those commercials...I wish they would bring them back instead of the pharmaceutical ones they run now. At least I didn't get sucked in to wanting too many of those things.


    1. Take this pill and become your old wonderful self.


  2. I do remember the gusto beer commercials and I never liked their beer! Lol. Always wanted to make my own rules, I guess.

    I do live out loud and it does involve a lot of loving and important people!