Monday, February 18, 2013

A secret (Blogophilia 52.5)

You want to know a secret?

It doesn't matter who you are

Rich or poor

Famous or not

We all are skating on thin ice.

The Natives found that out

When DeSoto took the smallpox tour.

And that guy with all the money?

He's hiding in plain sight

From the transgressions

That will bring him lower than death.

The only difference today

Is they come to light faster

And harder

With no forgetting

And no forgiveness.


  1. nicely done. similar theme to something else you wrote recently

  2. Yeah. Human frailty is all the rage. If you got to the top, you cheated somehow.

    Which is why vanity and image are so poisonous.

  3. Yes indeed the ligt is much brighter these days, and maybe even growing brighter all the time. And yet doesn't that just make the shadows that much darker??


    1. So light that it is blinding to everything else.

  4. So "You light up my life" is no longer a good thing!? :)
    8 points Earthling!

  5. its the same on both sides of the pond Christopher...
    the dishonesty of privileged positioned people are falling like ten pins over here pal...
    all walking on very thin ice and have been for a long time too!
    we even have 3 Lords in jail at the moment and a few more due to come to trial... voice of the people making them see the light lol.. great blog my friend.. makes me think ... brilliant

  6. True. He wiped out a whole tribe. Great post. :)

    ~~Diana Jay

    1. More than that. The tribes DeSoto was in contact with were traders and they spread the disease all the way to the Great Lakes. By the time the whites figured out where Cumberland Gap was 150 years later, the native population had been reduced about 60%.