Saturday, July 16, 2016

Body Shaming

The internet is a funny place. For some reason, it makes people think that their actions are totally anonymous at that voyeurism is a good thing.

Take the case of Dani Mathers. A self absorbed, entitled Aryan who thinks it is cool to make fun of the "less than perfect" among us. Here is a link, if you have been hiding under a rock.

I can't unsee this.

Now, of course, the picture is embarrassing for the subject and she didn't give permission for the shot. Most people have an expectation of privacy in a changing room.

Ms. Mathers chose to act like some middle school drama queen and used modern hen-pecking methods for her own amusement. But let me go on record, if I weren't married, I would choose the subject of the photograph as my partner over her. It doesn't matter where the rolls or scars are, they are to be celebrated along with everything else.

Ms. Mathers has nothing I want to celebrate.


  1. I guess I was living under a rock. Had not seen this story.

    1. It blew over a big chunk of my Facebook. Several folks I follow began foaming at the mouth, imagining it was them in their imperfect glory in the picture. And I can understand that. The other thing I understand is all of those women are beautiful naked or clothed and they really shouldn't be so fearful of it.