Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Donkey Show (Blogophilia 22.9)

The first day of the Republican National Convention is in the books. Based on what I saw last night, this fiasco looked like it was put together by this guy:

Doesn't he look like a political maven?
Innuendo and character assassination is common in politics, but Trump and company is taking it to new levels. Trump calling a rival an embarrassment is just another look in the mirror for him. Look At Little Sister! she copied and pasted the “enemy’s” speech is just another piece of the show. Are you not (politically) entertained?
I guess it has become a flight of fancy to think there are any political leaders that care about peace...or love...or anything but fiddling while the world burns. George Carlin called elections an illusion of choice. Make the masses feel somewhat better that they think they have a (small) say in the matter. He only scratched the surface. This whole mess looks like the fight scene in Idiocracy. Our “choices” boil down to: A micromanaging pathological liar with some experience versus this mentally unstable pathological liar with no experience. Which clown will end up doing the most damage?
Makes you wonder what could happen next.
Topic- Colleen Keller Breuning
Pic: Christine Wichman
Pic guesses: Humming, Sweetness, Fluttering, Kisses, glow, hummingbird.