Friday, April 27, 2012

Len Foote (Blogophilia 9.5)

The happy journey begins
On two lane blacktops
Purple haze rising
To the falls of my youth.

Blue moon in lightening sky
Sun has risen mightily by
Mr. Turtle In my hand
As I step into the woods

Five miles to the inn. 
And adventure there in.
Memories good and bad
Play as I walk
Past the white rabbits
And old artifacts.

I reach my spot
Only to fall asleep
Dreaming of ancient ones
Who trod this way before.

I awaken with a start
With a nudge from above
To see what I came for.
Great Spirit awakening

Wish you were here. 


  1. Wow! Beautiful sunrise and write!

    Michelle K.

    1. It was one of the best I have ever seen.

  2. Great photos! (there in is one word by the way) Enjoyed the write. Was wondering where you were too :D


      Len Foote Hike Inn is an environmentally friendly inn in the North Georgia Mountains. It is near the Southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail and serves both casual and serious hikers. The trail up there is awesome. It begins at the top of Amicalola Falls and is 4.8 miles along the south side of Frosty Bald mountain. Truly cool.

  3. I, too, wish I were there! I sometimes wonder in my strolls through nature; who and/or what passed this way before me. You said it so very well and to greet the great spirit in such a way is amazing! 8 points Earthling! :)

  4. great pictures Christopher ...
    the walk through such a rich ancient forest fires the imagination on so many levels my friend...
    thank you for taking me on this journey... love it pal...

  5. Many a journey used to begin on two lane blacktop. Do truly miss that unique world


    1. There is a freeway that goes near there, but I deliberately avoided it. I was heading against traffic and I got up there a little earlier that I expected.

      It was interesting to see how the two lanes had changed. What had been built and which farms had gone by the wayside.

  6. Wish I was there too. Sallon

  7. Wonderful thoughts! Wish I was there too :) ~Leta