Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Dirt covers the coffin
Packed down

A long slog
A slow, painful death.

And I watched from
The beside
My glee barely contained.

Karma did visit
In this life.
And returned the pain
Inflicted for so long.

The memories of nights
Wondering if your drunk
And angry self
Would come to visit.
And with what?
A belt?
A dildo?
Or just plain rape?

So, I cheered when the cancer came.
Gleefully shorted your meds.
And now it is over.
Why am I so empty?


  1. A friend just went through this - not sure if these words are truth or inspiration --or both

    1. Hard to tell. I wrote this as part of a National Child Abuse challenge. I did draw off several situations I knew about. Truly a sad thing.