Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dancing Girl (GBE2-46)

Driving down the street
School bus comes, lights flashing,
 Forcing me to pause
On my way home.

Folding doors open
Blonde hair over
Thin shoulders .
She dances out

Moving to
Invisible music,
Reaching for the sun
As if it were a lover.

And I sit watching
Behind the wheel
Wishing I was
Her partner. 


  1. LOL one of the columnists in the paper wrote an article or a blog really about watching the young girls flow by and wondered if he was a dirty old man. He wasn't and neither are you!

    1. A few weeks ago, the Pastor at my church did a sermon on "connections" you feel in daily life. One of his involved a girl who used a local cemetery as a studying place. She would sit on a bench near the road and he would pass every day. Never knew who she was, just that she was a fixed part of the background.

  2. Nothing wrong with window shopping! And the product was on display.

    1. True. Just something about her bouncing and bopping down the street.

  3. Great poem. I could just see her. I watched my younger daughter dance down the aisles of the grocery store so often when she was a kid, and wondered what others might think. Most just smiled. I think it's just a joy to see healthy young people move.

  4. There is a joy that you want capture, for sure.