Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Streetlights-Part 2

The crescent moon peeked over the trees and reflected in the puddles.  As they climbed in the camper, Kari turned on a battery operated lantern hanging on the door.    Randi stood passively, not sure of his position.  He found a towel on the side bench and began to dry off.  

“Why are you being so nice to me?”

“Why not?  Just because I had a crap day doesn’t mean I have to take it out on you.  And besides, that would only make me feel bitchier.  God knows I feel like it.”  

 Kari found her IPod in the center console and plugged in to the radio.  The first song was Fly Me to the Moon.  She took Randi in her arms and began to slow dance, her flowered dress rustling with the rhythm.   He felt uncomfortable and pulled away.

“Were you serious about being on your last tampon?”

“Nah.  I picked up some before I came into the diner.  So you don’t have to worry about having to find a store open, unless it was a liquor store.   Look, all I want to do is relax and have fun.  We aren’t going to get physical.  I don’t do red wings and I don’t think you do either. ”   She smiled and tried to gauge his reaction.  

Sitting on side bench, he pulled out his pipe and lit it.  He felt warmth he hadn’t had in a while.   Kari was an interesting chick, if that was your style.  But it wasn’t his.  He’d hustling men forever.  A quick suck and they were on their way.  Transactions for money and weed, that was all.  No muss or fuss and no whining over what color the condom needed to be or whether they should be held afterwards.  Cold?  Yeah, but he didn’t like relationships.  Too much baggage and pain.  

Ms. Marty entered his thoughts involuntarily.   He learned about buying acceptance by following the rules there.  She had wanted a little girl, but Social Services sent him instead.  And he paid the price by being dressed up in girl clothes and one piece swimsuits.   Summertime Fun was what Ms. Marty called it.  She would make huge fuss while he modeled stuff.  Then she would find something wrong which brought out the belt. She took special joy in lifting up his skirts and watching him squirm.

 She even let him use it on her a couple of times.  He smiled slightly at the memory. The slapping sound as it made contact on her fat body and her coos and moans.   She would want him to rub her down afterward.   Each session was followed by ice cream.  It was these lessons that let him survive out here.  Adapt to what the people want.  And they seem to like him as the petite little blond on the corner.  

The IPod shifted to Alive.  Taking another toke, His head began to nod involuntarily to the beat.   He began to cough and passed the pipe over.  

“What’cha thinking?  Kari asked as she drew in.  The pipe went out and she set it on the table. 
“Not much.  Just how good it is to be dry and warm. Thank you.  It isn’t often I actually get treated like a human.  Most people ignore me or pick fights.”

Kari smiled sadly.  “I have to admit, I must have been pretty drunk not to realize.  But really, you are the prettiest queen I have ever seen.  And you don’t act like most of the queens, with all the drama.  I almost felt like I was talking to a sister. ”    

“I was taught pretty well.”  Randi winced and fell silent.   His breathing became ragged and he began sobbing.  “I.. I mean…”

 Kari waited a moment and tucked him in her arms, rocking him slowly as the sun peeked through the window.  She crooned a soft lullaby as he settled in to a deep sleep.   As she undressed him, she admired his thin little body.  She really did like little boys.  Tucking him into the camper bed, she kissed his cheek.  It was going to be a wonderful weekend. 


  1. A unique perspective, intriguingly written, enjoyable to read! Thank you.

    1. I'm working on reformatting the conclusion. I should have it posted later this week.

  2. very raw and hard hitting - excellent

    1. This was originally done for Blogophilia a couple of years ago. I finally have sat down an edited the pieces. I'm going to have the final part up as soon as I can get it finished. I have always loved the Kari character.