Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fur Elise

The piano sat in the corner.

She approached it with no illusions.  She knew why she was here.  First the music, then the music of a different sort.  He paid well.  And it helped he was quite fit and handsome.  As her hands stretched in anticipation, she remembered the first time she had done this.  She gave herself to her patron and suitor.  The scent of his lavender and sweat as he joined her on the bench.  A gentle brush against her hair as she turned to his mouth.  All the rest is a blur of pain and pleasure.  And when they had finished, he pressed warm towels against her soreness.  And her path was set.

And here she was again.  Mozart began to rise softly from the sound board.  There was a thrill of expectation as she waited for him.  She stopped a moment.  She needed a second to breathe.  Music resumed and the door opened softly behind her.  He stepped around and took the seat next to her on the bench.  A rose was in his hand.  She continued to play, waiting for him to make the next move.

"You want me to take a shot?", he asked as he stroked her shoulders.    She rose up and offered herself to him fully.  He softly stroked the small bosom and removed her from the shuck  of her dress.  The embrace was as sweet as the music from the sound board as they loved and exchanged themselves.  No pain, of course.  Just lovely pleasure.  It didn't matter she was already carrying his child.  I was another gift to him and from him.  It was her own midsummer's night dream....

And then the alarm went off and Kelly woke to find her husband sleeping peacefully next to her.  The rose and lavender were still in his hand. 


  1. Beautifully romantic. Well done!


  2. I loved this.. Is this part of a book?? If not, it should be, if it is, is it available?

    1. I've thought about submitting it, but never have. Maybe I should rethink that.