Monday, January 16, 2012

Seven Habits (Blogophilia 46.4)

Good morning, everyone.  I hope everyone has enjoyed the Development Conference.  The seminar topic is:  Seven Habits of Highly Caffeinated People.  My name is Robert Covey.

Most o f you are familiar with our books on the organizational habits of effective people.  I began this project with by brother, Stephen, to see in what other ways personal productivity can be enhanced.  But when we did the research, we found that most effective people are not only highly organized, but are highly stimulated.  And the stimulant of choice is Caffeine?  Caffeine has been keeping Night Watchmen, Middle Managers and College Students awake and productive for millennia.

Why caffeine?  Well, it is widely and legally available, in comparison to other substances.  And most users find its effects to be predictable and consistent.   Compared to Cocaine, where there is an intense high for 20-60 minutes followed by hours of sleep, caffeine’s effects are much milder and last for several hours without reinforcement.  And Caffeine comes without the Illusions of Grandeur effect that often accompanies Methamphetamine and Dexedrine.  It is a much more user friendly product.

Coming in a variety of intake media:  Coffee, Sodas and the newer Energy Drinks are cheap and easy to obtain. Fire up that coffee pot and you are on your way.  Or if soda is your thing, a quick trip to the store is in order.   It is still available in pill form and in IV solutions in some Third World countries.   Humankind has long relied on the Java Jive to maintain and succeed in planning and “Putting First Things First.”  Walk the streets of Miami, New York or Seattle and see people flock to the favorite stand or store to get their daily fix.

So, how do the super productive use caffeine to enhance the habits they already practice? Interestingly, we found there were also seven habits that ran in a similar pattern to the effectiveness habits that we have researched so thoroughly.  They start with the idea, walk through the idea with the cup in mind and spread the wealth and abundance to all those they touch in the acquisition, preparation and consumption of their favorite caffeinated beverage.  They always keep in mind that they are not alone in this world and that all that supplies this wonderful elixir of life should benefit.

Caffeine users as a rule are proactive.   As soon as they know they need a pick me up; they rush to the closet or refrigerator.  Do they have their drink of choice?  If so, do they have enough to carry them through the time of need?  Most people in modern society are a Tabula Rasa without that initial burst of gas in the morning. 

Almost all users have an end in mind when they begin this quest.  Whether it is the fizzy head of dark cola or the fragrant smell of roasted Kona beans, they anticipate the pleasure of consumption.  Some even look forward to the interaction with their supplier, chatting with the Barista with the rainbow contacts and multicolored piercings about the weather or the dearth of intelligence in modern American Politics, or the odd homeless person looking for change to handle their version of a pick me up.

First things always come first with the effective caffeine user, whether doing it themselves or purchasing their daily fix.  The choice of venue is vitally important.  Any way the wind blows, caffeine should be enjoyed in a serene environment.  To get industrial grade swill out of a litter strewn late night drive through is almost like picking up a streetwalker.  While you might have your need satisfied, you never can predict the after effects.  The sound of the bottle opening or those first glorious shots of steam should be the primary sound you hear.  And the aroma should fill your senses better than a bottle of Veuve Cliquot 2009.

And the effect user goes the extra mile to make sure that all caffeine exchanges are a Win-Win for all involved.  Whether it is with a little extra tip at the counter, or sharing his steaming cup with a bag lady, he is sharing his bounty so that others can be more effective and caffeinated.   Benefits should be conferred gradually; and in that way they will taste batter.

The effective caffeine user seeks to understand the world in which he inhabits and in that way, confers the information needed for him to be understood.  This process is an ever changing game, since mankind is generally fickle, hypocritical and greedy.  Parameters change constantly and the caffeine user is in constant reeducation mode.

But the outcome of all this effort to maximize the caffeine experience is the synergization of caffeine consumption and effective production.  To show an example, go into any sales office at 7:00 AM before any of the associates have and their first fix.  Most aren’t even able to form coherent words, much less complete thoughts.  It has been said the first three hours of each work day is lost due to the overall ineffectiveness of the staff.  Intelligent caffeine consumption combats this tendency.

Finally, this process of education must be repeated constantly.   Like in the original book, sharpening the Saw is vital to the success of the program.  Just as your body turns flabby with disuse, your mind sputters and wheezes without the daily stimulation caffeine so cheaply provides.

So, drink that Kona, Columbian or Monkey seed.  Swill the soda.  Your life and career depend on it.

Thank you so much for your time.  The free drink bar is in the back of the room. 

Topic (Any Way The Wind Blows)-Nina Nixon
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  1. Actually I've run out of coffee and have to drink tea. Tea's fine, but I like my morning coffee, just as I liked my first smoke in the morning with my coffee. Cough, cough! Gave it up in 1991. But not my coffee!

  2. I'm a decaf girl. I know...

  3. Coffee IV? I like the sound of that. I would miss the aroma though. I am addicted and coffee is one of my addictions. ♥

  4. KONA KONA KONA switched to BIG EASY BLUE..have a keurig..makes a PERFECT cup of warm intake...hummm..that brings me to another parody of sorts...LOLOL

    1. Only problem with that is the cartridges get expensive. I usually run 1/2 a day.

  5. Tea drinker here! AFter I take the meds to treat excessive daytime sleepiness,drinking coffee would kill me...

    1. But it would be a quick death...

  6. I take my caffeine in the form of coffee first and foremost... and diet soda second. Oddly, I get the greatest buzz from tea. Tea will keep me hopping all day. Maybe it's because I don't drink it often. Something to think about while I finish this cup of joe ;-)

  7. Hahaha! Nice take on's a need. :0)

  8. I don't do coffee or tea. I will take a Coke or a water. :D ♥