Friday, January 27, 2017

Le Bad Cinema (Blogophilia 49.9)

I have to admit it. I like bad movies. I mean REALLY bad movies. The kind they show on Elvira and Mystery Science Theater 3000. Movies with plots so ridiculous and with cheesy, bad effects you can only laugh out loud at their absurdity. 
I was cruising around YouTube looking at clips about living off the grid and in converted vans when a movie came up:
I clicked on it, thinking it was the normal 1 to 5 minute clip, and realized it was a full 100 minute movie. I didn’t have anything better to do, so, I watched.
A quick synopsis: a ship (looking suspiciously like the SS Enterprise) with a crew of three scantily clad, incompetent women is lost in space and chooses to land for repairs in a remote corner of an English park. The landing is witnessed by an uptight Couple (Oliver and Prudence), a Swinging Single (Cliff) and a Wimpy Nerd (Willy), who go to investigate. They are lured on board and the fun and games begin.
The movie is from 1979 and aimed at the Drive-In crowd, so the humor and sensibilities are absolutely juvenile. The best description is if Richard O’Brien met Gene Roddenberry and they dropped acid, this would be the end product. Every bad trope from the Space and Horror genres is used, delivered with a droll, British style. Yes, everyone gets naked eventually. Yes, Willy the Nerd turns out to be the Stud with the Space Girls, while Cliff the Swinger is worn to a nub. Oliver and Prudence do get it right, with some help from Cosia, the Navigator’s wardrobe. This is a movie without a moral. It doesn’t need one. All that matters is everyone gets laid and the ship blows up in the end. 
So, if this is the kind of film that lights your fire; pull up a Bota Box, your Significant Other and lots of popcorn and forget the world. Who knows? You might just rediscover why you went to the Drive-In in the first place.
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