Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Clickbait (Blogophilia 48.9)

You know it.

You've seen it.
It is the ultimate masquerade. An eye catching headline inducing an unintended left finger movement. Whether It is article, slideshow or video, it is what the Internet has devolved into, a series of empty calorie diversion that bloat the mind. 
If you are a professional writer, you want those clicks to happen. Otherwise your lonely missives are lost in the ether. But like a slippery slope into an unending labyrinth, the process of creating them becomes an addiction for both writer and reader. A dark Gepetto pulling emotional strings for Pinocchio to react. 
Instead of reading filling, uplifting poetry and stories, we slide down a rabbit hole of 10 worst this, unbelievable that and gross something or another. Oh, we might click on a cute kitten or puppy vid, but for the most part we lean toward the tawdry and sadistic, and it isn't even pornography. Just humans being self centered and evil. And we all need a shower afterwards. 
Why? We claim we want justice, peace and love, yet love it when our President Elect is accused of abusive behavior towards women. And to a certain segment of our population, our outgoing President is a phony, a masquerading slave looming as a leader over his former masters. I'm not going to argue whether one is better than the other, but plenty of people will using Clickbaited half truths to say "Hooray for our side!". 
This is why all of our politicians take Aaron Burr's advice: "Don't let them know what your are for, are against." Any attempt to rewrite the game will be shot down on the field of honor. 
It is the American way. 
And only we can change it.

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  1. I wish every link designed to go to those tawdry places would be re-directed to right here, to read what you have shared. It might not lead to a lesson learned, but would certainly count as a lesson well taught.

    1. I've hacked stuff before and I probably could build a redirect, but that would be stooping to their level. Nah, better to let it die if it will.