Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Looking back (Blogophilia 15.8)

Shifting through the sands of time?

It is the raƮson d'etre for my writing.

Every week I round up the usual suspects and grill them on the prompts.

Characters based loosely on life.

Sometimes I think it is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Other times, they claim I despise them. 

Truth is, if I gave them any thought, I would.

I let them kiss as if it were their last time.

Sometimes it is.

They come to me as ghosts in the deep woods.

As Little Red Riding or Alice in Wonderland.

Early on, the text was laid naked with little editing.

Now, it is fussed over like a fashion model.

Trying for the "just so" look.

Early clowning is now more circumspect.

I am older.

There seems to be less to laugh about.

And that is sad.


Topic-Dave Coon

Pic-Irene Melgoza

Pic guesses: Alice in Wonderland (in blog), Little Red Riding Hood (in blog) Deep Woods (in blog), Ghost (in blog), Grimm, Redrum, Looking Glass, Rabbit Hole, Fairy tale, Haunting.


  1. I think that as time goes by, we have to keep our faith. Look for the good things and toss away the bad
    Enjoyed this Count.
    And I absolutely loved being first here

    1. Faith does have a lot to do with it. But as I get older, I realize things really do need to be taken more seriously.

      But maybe I'll pull out one of my wacky entries.

  2. with age, I think we see the world as it really is and find there are less things to be happy about... hang in there ..good write

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  4. I think we all put a little bit of ourselves into our characters. Write what you feel...The rest will work itself out.


    1. Oh, we do. Sometimes it's deliberate, other times it just shines through.

  5. Have to say sadly I agree with the last lines, hope that changes soon


    1. Not if the corporate media have a say in it.

  6. The hardest goodbyes are the ones no one hears.

    (Oh, that is going straight to my status update!)

    Great poem, and obviously, quite inspiring, Sir.

    1. Yes, they are. Funny, the failed story this week involved a goodbye and attempted recovery. Maybe I'll resurrect it in the future.

  7. You are talking about me. Yep. It's me in every sentence!! 8 points, Earthling!!

    -Marvin Martian

  8. You are by far one of the most prolific and exciting prose writers I've had the pleasure to read. Your characters have grit, your plots are spot on.... keep on keepin' on, brother!

    Oh and that is the sign of a good writer... just put aside the stuff you don't think is working at the moment. It may resurrect itself at a later date! ;)

    1. I'm keeping the fragment. I might work out the transitions in the future, because the characters do have a lot of value. Thanks for the encouragement.

  9. Nicely done!