Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Door Number Three (Blogophilia 17.8)


There is no cure like travel
So they say.
But the Yellow Brick Road
Is pyrite
Lined with ravens
And no one is
Who they say.

As the darkness falls,
Who will be the last to fall? 
Behind door number three
Ready to give away the trip
To Puerto Vallarta
To set up the new illusion?
Nail them while they are vulnerable.
That's my motto
Lead them down the pier
Into the endless lake.
Blinded by a deadly 
Lemon sky.

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Topic-Christine Wichman

Pic-Nina Nixon

Pic Guesses: Lemon sky (in blog), Ravens (in blog), Endless lake (in blog), Deadly dream, Crows, black haired beauty, Yellow Brick Road (in blog)


  1. This is fantastic! The images you emplanted, the subliminal sense of vengence and the dark stain on your words gave a feeling of great chill and foreboding. Well done!

  2. You really nailed this one Christopher..Perfect use of the clues in a marvelous poem

  3. I always wanted to be on "Lets Make a Deal" just so I could pick door #3


  4. Nail them while they are vulnerable. *gulp* Nail this. 8 points, Earthling!!! :)

    -Marvin Martian

  5. I absolutely loved this one Christopher...that is my kind of prose!!! Awesome!