Monday, June 22, 2015

I think? (blogophilia 18.8)

Ever feel like this?

Where you have finally discovered your self awareness and began to cast off the doubts of life, only to be shut off by the world?

The cosmic joke is that doubt is the origin of all wisdom.

For as much yearning for love and certainty that arises from day to day living, at the end we are left only with ourselves and our doubts.We shiver in colder weather, then swelter in the sun. Blaming our Gypsy souls for our restlessness. Damaging our relationships and leaving ourselves cold and lifeless at the end of the day.

When you are faced with doubt, what is it trying to teach you? To speed up or slow down? Is this the right one or not?

You then pass the answers to the next generation, who refuse to listen and the cycle starts over again.

It is all truly in vain.

Comic (c) 1984 Berke Brethed

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Topic-Sallon Newlove

Pic-Linda Thurmon.

Pic guesses: Tunnel of love, Grove, Sunset, Black and white, Solitude, death.


  1. wow, that is deep, and very true. I like this a lot!

    1. This is one of my favorite strips of all time. Still holds up after thirty years.

  2. short and to the point, very, very true ,and the doubt continues on and on

  3. Why thank you but I didn't appear first. However, I am now here! :)

    Vain. All is vanity (or almost all). 8 points, Earthling!!

    -The Marvin House :)

    1. No, that was meant for Jessica. But the blog Gods thought differently.

  4. Sad and somewhat true....* I'm bummed. But nice write Christopher. :) ~Christine W

  5. Great point, but I don't think we are always left with doubt at the end of the day.


  6. Thought provoking and filled with truth. I am always doubting my own decisions and spend more time thinking about what is best to do instead of just go ahead and doing it. :(

  7. I get what you are saying - but rely like to believe there are times it isn't true. I guess they call that denial...


  8. I definitely relate. Well said indeed.

  9. It's hard to learn from others' lessons. That's how we always repeat history.