Saturday, February 7, 2015

Tailights (Blogophilia 50.7)

The crimson taillights of rush hour snaked slowly up the freeway. Outlines of warehouses and cheap stores were lit by scarlet remains of the day. Silence in the car was broken only by random squawks, routing units to small dramas around the county. The oppressive tension, as each man pondered what they had seen.  

Finally Gomez broke the silence

“So, what were we watching back there?”

“Not really sure. Maybe a rehearsal for something?” Murray jerked the wheel to get around a particularly slow sedan.

“Yeah, that was kind of what I was thinking, a waltz with an invisible partner.”

“More like the Masochism Tango.”

Laughter broke the tension.

“Yeah, he looks like that four-eyed geek.” Gomez took a sip of his soda. “I used to listen to him when I was a kid.” 

“Do you think he saw us?” Murray scratched along the edge of his bald spot.

“I doubt it. He looked like he was possessed.” Gomez turned down the radio. “Like that old show, ‘Outer Limits.’ Remember how it used to come on and say that they controlled your TV? I think our boy there was controlled by some outside force.”

Traffic slowed as they approached the 316 exit. Two cruisers were on the shoulder. Three cars were lined up like ducklings in various stages of damage. Just a simple damage claim and everyone had to watch. 

“Yeah, kind of like what we have now. ‘Oooh, look at the pretty blue and red lights.’” 

Murray tapped the horn and went around the car in front of him. The other driver responded with his middle finger. He opened his mouth to say something, but was interrupted with the ring of his phone.

“Lt. Murray…Yeah?” He motioned to Gomez for a pen. 

“Give me the name” He wrote while keeping one eye on the car in front of him. “Sandra Walker... Address?...Where is that?... Atlanta? OK… Yeah, Cap, we just saw Allen as we were leaving the Torres notification...No, I still don’t think he’s involved in the hookers, but I am wondering if he isn’t planning something to piggyback on them...We’re on our way back, we’ll call her and see if it is worth pursuing. See ya in a few.”  He clicked off

“What was that about?”

“Some Psychic lady down in the City just called in to Crimestoppers. Said our boy Jeremy was planning some kind of revenge.”


Topic-Dave Raider

Pic-Lika Scaliente

Pic guesses: Ducklings (in blog), Lakeside, Picnic, 


  1. I enjoy your Murray & Gomez stories! Great dialogue, too!


  2. As always your writing is stand out. I had to go back and catch up a bit. Cool story.

  3. Nicely written Christopher :)

    ~Christine W

  4. Ah it seems the cat is struggling to get out of the bag!
    The spotlight is swinging towards Jeremy

    8 points Earthling! :)


  5. Jeremy is starting to receive unwanted attention...hopefully for his sake that Murray and Gomez focus gets put back on the investigation of the murders and he gets put on their back burner...This story is going strong and I am really intrigued by your writing!

  6. Ha... the psychic lady is a twist... awesome chapter. - Dave Raider

  7. Good story.