Saturday, February 21, 2015

Monkey Business (Blogophilia 52.7)

As Murray left the small house, he thought to himself. The woman was an enigma. She would interesting to him if he had been single. The psychic crap never did much for him, but her energy was unmistakable.

The interview went well enough. Ms. Walker described how Allen had called for an appointment. She had worked with him when he first got out of Georgia Regional, but it had been about a year since she had last seen him. She had some errands to run, so set the appointment for after dinner. She was finishing up her Moo Goo Gai Pan when he got there. She cleaned up and went out to meet him.

From her earlier sessions, she knew he was schizophrenic.That wasn't uncommon among her clients. But th figure that met her had given pause. The face reminded her of Hercules after slaying the Hydra. His scent, sweat, exhaustion combined with the drivers of Hades, filled the room. The purpose of the meeting was to slow everything to focus, she knew that. Tea and small talk made him comfortable and relaxed where they could work. She went on to explain that most of the benefit from alternate spirituality is in participant’s head.

 Psychiatry by another name still smelled like bullshit, to Murray. But, who was he to judge?

The session had gone pretty smoothly until she noticed him looking the picture of the Castle. What had she called it? The Shiver of the Scythe? A Grim Reaper reference, Murray knew.  Allen kept talking about unfinished business and how Vlad the Impaler never used cheap tricks on his enemies, ones that didn’t last. No, tricks and events he used were permanent and so were the ones Allen planned. She quickly ran through the reading to get him out of there. Afterward he left; she saw case file online and couldn’t sleep.  

When he got back to headquarters, he was met with a mini conference that had congregated at his desk. Gomez, Jackson, Cap and two other detectives with frowns and crossed arms were waiting. What now?  Jackson waived him over, pointing at his computer screen.

Has a friend
He wants to play
Today is your day. 

Detached words floating across the screen under the picture of a small chimp pointing a Glock at an unknown target. Murray’s eyes grew wide at the image.

“Dagnabit! When did THAT come in?” Murray asked.

“About fifteen minutes ago.” Jackson took a slug out a water bottle. “We all got a copy”

“Any idea who might have…” Murray broke off. “Never mind, I can guess.”

Captain Hudgins broke in “He’s upping his game. Allen must think we are stupid.”

“But, can we tie this to him?” Murray, turned to one of the other detectives. “See if Computer Forensics can to an IP search on this. Allen isn’t dumb, he probably knows how to hide his tracks, but it would be worth it to see if he originating computer was local.”


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Pic Guesses- Little friend (in blog), Bang, Fred J. Mugged, Smart? Monkey Business (in blog), 


  1. great way to work the prompts into the story... now what is this new monkey business all about

  2. Hmm, I wouldn't have expected Jeremy to monkey around and give any indication of his intentions! This is an interesting tactic on his part and kind of puts Murray on his guard! Great addition!

    1. Yeah, telegraphing your punches are generally not a good idea.

  3. Ooh! Messing with the coppers heads might not be wise....but it would be gratifying!

    8 points Earthling! :)


  4. Monkey has got his number...better watch his back. Great story!
    Demme ;-)

  5. Great episode Christopher...and I love how you included the chimp pic so seamlessly into the story!
    ~Christine W

  6. Great episode Christopher...and I love how you included the chimp pic so seamlessly into the story!
    ~Christine W

  7. Now the guy is monkeying around challenging the cops..He'd better be aware, cops are not as dumb as he thinks

    1. He's so into his plan, he can see outside the blinders.

  8. Wow! It seems like the challenges were made for this episode of your story. No monkeying around with the cops! Fantastic writing. -Leta

  9. Nice Write! :)