Thursday, February 12, 2015

Lent (Blogophilia 51.7)

Moonlike, the face reflected the glow from the screen.

“..and now my Brothers and Sisters as we begin the quadragesimal journey into the personal wilderness that is Lent, we strive for a plan of  examination for our souls…” 

The white clad figure droned on. 

“Yeah, right.” Jeremy spoke at the screen. “I’m tired of being in the wilderness.”

Ever impatient, he pressed the remote button.

“..I’m feeling like a bad boy, mmm just like a bad boy. I’m ripping up a rag doll…”

The singer’s curls looked almost three dimensional on the little screen.  Jeremy smiled at the cute figure, knowing what was to come.


Blackness replaced the glow. There was a lot of data to process, and like the Priest said, a lot to plan. The forty days for him was up.

And yes, he was going to be very, very bad boy.

Pigs think they are smart, don’t they? They were too obvious rooting around those cars. They were in the wrong place for the hit. Who cares? It wasn’t time, yet. Two packages were safely tucked in the trunk and they didn’t know. Just put on a song and dance out the back seat and let them wonder.    

Time out.

Tomorrow is go time. 


Topic-Doris Emmett.

Pic-Heather Blomquist

Pic Guesses-Wonderland, Lost, Proper education, Dreaming, Hero,


  1. This section was brief but interesting! You canture Jeremy's thoughts, often twisted and confused, very well when you write for his character! I like that.

    8 points Earthling! :)


  2. WOWZA!!!!! You are keeping us on the edge of our seat with this story. Waiting with bated breath and a little bit of horror to see Jeremy's plans unfold..... Great writing!!!

    1. Thank you. When I sketched it out, I was wondering if I needed to fluff it a bit. I guess not.

  3. You have so many twists and turns in this fascinating tale. What will come next has us all waiting

  4. I like it when someone here takes the time to develop characters. Jeremy is intriguing! -Dave Raider

  5. Jeremy sounds like someone I would not want to meet in a dark alley! (demme)