Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Two Glasses In (Blogophilia 45.6)

Two glasses in
On the last day of the year.
Listening to my son and his friends
Laughing in the other room.

Echoing back to another day
Another time
When it was me as the entertainer
Or the entertained.

Not that it matters
Doing the same thing over
And expecting a different result
Is still insanity.

The guardian angel aghast
At the proceedings of the night.
Seeing things through the alcohol lens
Instead of as they are or were.

Now, thirty years later
It is my son's turn
To chase illusions
And hope they become real. 

So before the last leaves fall
And the glass ball drops 
I wonder at where I am
And where I will be. 


  1. On the one hand, I have not touched alcohol in seventeen years. On the other hand, back when I was a youngster, I had a blast with the new year's eve celebrations. As such, can see things through a prism.

    I enjoyed what you brought and how you presented it, Christopher. Wishing you and yours a happy and prosperous 2014, Sir.

  2. Tempting quote to use - glad you used it. Appropriate write for the season

  3. I'm glad you reposted your link.... not to be missed! Despite our best intentions and desire for our kids to not make the same mistakes we made... they think they are invincible and must learn the same way we did. Happy New Year, my friend!

    1. As that party was going on, I was amazed at how the crowd mirrored the ones of my youth.

  4. So very sorry I missed this! I fear it did get lost in the holiday shuffle. But it has been found and now to award you 8 points Earthling! :)


    1. No worries. I probably should have reposted.

  5. This was wonderful. I am glad Marvin posted the link for us. I posted my link on the prior weeks date once too by accident, but noticed it the day before it was due and reposted it. Facebook is confusing to me. This is a great piece, something we can all understand I think. Kismet

    1. I really was several glasses in when I wrote and posted it.

  6. I am really glad I got a chance to read this. Such is true in life..I don't have kids, but I have younger cousins and watched them grow up and drink..I feel so old~

    1. Don't feel old. Just go with flow and enjoy it.

  7. Sorry missed your post .. Saz picture thought had read .. Great be the memories beautiful piece penned .. Yeah .. :)

  8. I have no idea how I missed this Christopher ..
    as you know I usually drop bye pal... but I am behind on last weeks blogs ..
    but was it not the same for us when we was young at heart Christopher..
    you felt like you was in the right place because its the only place you know..
    and you never questioned that fact... and NEVER thought of the future beyond maybe the next holiday your planning... the parties were always fast and furious during the turn of the year.... New Years Eve was the best excuse to loose your head and kiss as many girls as you could... ahahahha..
    But like you so eloquently put it Christopher .. history repeating itself ...
    But we can't watch over out kids all the time ...
    they need to make safe mistakes to grow character and wisdom in the real world..
    and being hung over is one lesson learned ... we have to watch it don't turn into a habit ... that's our bag I guess ...
    great read Christopher... you made me think pal... hence the small novel I am leaving you with here... ahahahha... :-)

  9. A splendid write of reminiscing ... the Apple doesn't fall from the tree ... a true metaphor in everyone's life. Thanks for sharing. I'm glad I came back to read it. Happy New Year!! ♥


    1. Finally catching up on responding. Thanks for coming by.