Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Not For Love or Money (GBE 132)

So, the challenge from Group Blogging is the Anti Bucket List?  The stuff you wouldn't do for love or money?  That is a challenge.  I have always been one to take a dare and do stuff I normally wouldn't.  but that said there are a few things I just can not see doing.

1) Jumping out of a perfectly good, flying airplane.  Sorry, folks. Unless there is a REALLY ugly Drill Sergeant with an M-4 at my back, I ain't doing it.  You can talk all you want about rushes and how pretty the scenery looks...

2) Likewise, jumping off high fixed objects.  Now, I actually used to jump off cliffs and stuff into a river, but I'm older now.  That sweet zone just doesn't look that big.

3) Drink Gin.  Gasoline tastes better.

4) Ride a motorcycle in traffic. Sorry, too many idiots to ride anywhere within 100 yards of a car.

5) Buy a house larger than 2500 square feet. All I need is a roof over my head, not a monument to my ego. Most of the houses constructed in my neighborhood are rejected designs from LaQunita Inns.

6) Wear jewelry.  Can't stand the stuff.

They are probably others, and I'll come back and add them when I think about it. 

Yeah, another one.

7) Tattoos.  My pasty white skin with freckles is just fine, thank you.  


  1. aw gee Chris - you'd look good with an earring....:D

  2. :)

    Some of those are on my list to, if I had one.

    Be Well, Laugh Loud, Smile Often

  3. I have two tattoos and am not opposed to jewelry, but I'd definitely take a pass on the skydiving, cliff-diving, gin drinking, and motorcycle riding. :O)

    1. I've always had a thing about tattoos. I think it is because I am a commitmentphobe. And you got to love those. They don't go away.

  4. I'd have to agree with the skydiving thing! I came into this world because of a broken rubber, I surely don't plan on leaving the same way! lol

    Great list!

  5. Other than getting tattooed...I'm in on the whole list!! Thanks!