Friday, December 6, 2013

Jared Uptown (Blogophilia 41.6)

"Starbucks.  The art of socializing alone." Jared said out loud. Eyes slid his way and then back to what they were doing. He didn't care anymore what these rude people thought.  Shifting in the soft leather chair, he   looked  on the darkening sidewalk.  Was she coming?

The eyes lost some focus.  New York wasn't Birmingham, for sure. He wondered why he'd left it behind. Oh, the job with ad agency was alright and it was kind of cool to have a bunch of stuff in walking distance. But people here were more interested in climbing the ladder and chasing money stacks than socializing. They tended to scatter like rats when the illusion was interrupted. Energy wasted in Jared's opinion.  You can't take it with you.

There few people at the office he felt comfortable with. Melanie was one of them. The thought of her red curls and crinkly eyes make him feel a little warmer. He really didn't know her that well. But she was friendly and that served her well as the receptionist for the office. It helped she was originally from Mississippi, so they had that in common.  An easy camaraderie that included lunch and the occasional after work coffee was launched.

Staring at his Caramel Machiato, he wondered what she was doing.  Only reason he drank these was her pulling him out of his comfort zone. $5.00 for a girly drink sounded stupid to him. All it was was watered down strong coffee with sweeteners to mask the bitterness, like a Sloe Gin Fizz in a bar. But she dared him to try one and now it was the only thing he would order.

She didn't show up at work and no one knew why. That wasn't like her. Setting the cup down on the small square table, he pulled out the phone and paused. Maybe he should try...

What did Yoda used to say? There is no try. Only do or not do. Show some confidence, Boy! So, feeling a little like Luke, he scrolled down the screen and touched her icon.



"Hi, there.  This is Melanie.  Don't leave me a message.  Just text.  It's faster. Except you, Jared.  You're blocked."


Shocked eyes stared at the screen. Was that a joke? It wasn't like they were a couple or anything, but still.

Well, she did say to text.  Let's see...W...H...Y...?  and send.

"Message Rejected."

Slowly, he put the phone back in its holster, tears coming to the edge of his eyes. No warning, just cut out of her life. She didn't take his breath away, yet she's acting like she has power over him. With a quick swipe across his face, he bolted out the door and began to walk uptown. Jared wasn't sure where he was going. Just that it was sort of in the direction of home. 

Blocks faded with the neon rainbows along Ninth Ave. Thoughts bounced like pinballs between his ears.  Maybe he should find out where she lives and confront her? She said she lived down in the Village somewhere, but never was specific. If there was anyplace to get lost in this town, that was it. And besides, this could just be nothing and showing up unannounced would just make things worse. 

It started to rain, worsening his mood. But he was getting closer to home and he could wash the treacle out with some Patron.  Hell, he might stop and join the worm eaters club.

Passing the adult novelty shop at W 68th St., he saw a possible payback. In the window was a black multiheaded vibrating dildo.Capable of handling several people, the black and gold could be placed on the floor or table. Jared guessed it could be set on the floor so everyone could ride the bull, so to speak.  It was Bluetooth and Wifi enabled and ready to broadcast the festivities to the whole world. That would be interesting.  The revenge gift that kept on giving. 

Wet and getting wetter, he pondered whether he should. A calmness came over him and he smiled. There was no rush. He knew exactly what to do. 


  1. Some strange leaps that make think there is a very different "other" side to the story.


    1. Yeah. That was the way I was heading. This one didn't come together real easy.

  2. oh my god poor Jared - oh - ummm - interesting gizmo... can’t wait to see what he’s going to do. A most intriguing write

  3. Twisty story in an interesting way, Jared has jumped straight into revenge mode without much thought on finding out why. me like this! 8 points Earthling! :)


  4. WOW!! what a turn up for the outspoken Jared Christopher...
    being rejected in such an tenuous way sure didn't go down too well did it?...
    but his revenge, if that's the right word, is going to be intriguing to say the least! ..
    I live a twist in a story pal.. but this was a REAL TWIST!! ..
    how we jumped to remorse to revenge with a multi headed dildo is breathtaking!
    I can't wait to read part two of Jared plan of action..
    who know.. Melanie might warn to the idea!!...
    sorry my minds racing now... :-) .. brilliant tale indeed my friend.. quite brilliant :-)

    1. One of the problems I had with this piece was, do I end it there (with the possibility of a part two) or continue on. I will say the description of the Steely Dan will be extensive if I do another segment.

  5. Never, ever trust a girl you meet at Starbucks. They have hidden agendas. As for girls who direct you to Starbucks... meh.

    1. They are much harder to convince to come home with you.

  6. Hmmmm, What has occurred between these two that we don't know of?? I love the whole vibrator thing. Must write on.....

  7. Wow, interesting take on this story.

    ~~Diana Jillian (DJ)